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About us

Product Design comes as an important navigator in our complex, tech-driven lives. Together with the development of blockchain, AI/ML-driven applications the interface becomes an essential communication layer providing us with values that the world has never seen before. I strongly believe that designers are more than ever fully equipped with a power to shape the new wave of applications that will guide all of us towards a better, value-driven, data-oriented, full of potential future. If we can imagine it we are one step closer to making it happen. I have created this publication to allow the creators to share their thoughts, use cases and research about products, proof of concepts, systems design for a distributed autonomous economy. Please submit! :)

Why publish with us

  • Be part of the community that values connecting Product Design with the most recent economic/ social movements
  • Contribute to the new movement of creators shaping the future of HCI
  • Define how you imagine an autonomous, distributed economy by your approach to the design domain

What we publish

  • Articles, posts, lists, opinion pieces, tutorials on UX design, Usability, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Product Design, and other topics that relates to designing and building digital products for the distributed autonomous economy
  • Case studies, when they have a clear takeaway for readers and a unique approach or angle

How to publish your first article with us?

  1. If it’s your first time publishing with us, send your published article or Medium draft to info@agazima.org via email, with a one sentence description of what your article is about.
  2. We will review all submissions and get back to you within few business days.
  3. After being accepted and reviewed, you will be added as a writer to our publication and your article will be published.

How do I submit my article?

  • Email us at info@agazima.org a link to your Medium draft or published article with a one sentence description.
  • If you have published with us before, you can submit new articles directly via Medium (“Add to Publication” option on the top right corner while editing your article). No need to email us, Medium will notify us about it.



Writing about designing and researching products for a distributed economy

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