3. How do you bring human talk into tech talk and money talk? Learn from Jen Aberman from To Be Heard Consulting

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“Anti heroes are very creative individuals who do amazing things with their lives. They are people who take things to next level (without harming others) and don’t ask for permission.” Jen Aberman
There is so much more to it than what one bitcoin is worth!! We are not just investing in new technology but also a new way of thinking.” Jen Aberman

I caught up with Jennifer Aberman, a therapeutic counsellor, yoga teacher, mindfulness educator and visual artist in her beautiful counselling room in Vancouver. To Be Heard Counselling is well known in the decentralized communities in Vancouver, and Jen also facilitates Web 3.0 Leadership Development programs.

Jennifer and I explore self-sovereignty, freedom and navigating ethics in the token and blockchain economy. She explains why it is important to bring human talk into tech talk and all the money talk — after all, as she says “it’s people behind code”.

Jen describes how she applies skills to help people connect and gain more clarity in their thinking, as well as helping others to improve how they deal with interpersonal conflicts.

This is a practitioner conversation, designed to give you a more intimate glimpse into the world of those who provide coaching, counselling, facilitation, therapy, self-leadership and other leadership and organizational development workshops and programs in the token and blockchain economy.

You will also realize that leadership and organizational development facilitators and coaches embrace a path of continuous curiosity, practice, stretching of personal boundaries and assumption hunting to evolve and reinvent themselves.

You might find Jen’s role models and discussions around ethics and values quite surprising and also refreshing. In case you wonder, one of her favourite books of fiction is a dark comedy by Christopher Moore.

This episode is a good companion practice guide with the interview with John Lyotier, CEO of RightMesh, “How do you lead a values based, global meshwork?”


Leadership Web 3.0 Principles and Practices

Why is human talk as important as tech talk and money talk?

“All three attributes — decentralized, secure, and human-meaningful — must be provided if people are to communicate and be communicated about securely over the Internet, and this paper along with the article Advances in Distributed Security shows how to provide all three.” Nick Szabo, (Secure Property Titles with Owner Authority, 1998)

As everyone interested in the token and blockchain economy have discovered by now — relying on technology alone cannot dissolve the hard problem of people issues in, for example, governance and decision-making.

You can build the best technology and run the best marketing campaign, and still they will not come.

Digital transformation is not about technologies per se. It is about strategic ecosystem adoption of new worldviews, values, ways of relating and behaving.

Example of a Human talking point that is on top of mind in the industry right now: What is the tipping point for adoption? And how do we achieve it?

A study in Science by Professor Damon Centola finds that when 25% of people in a group adopt a new social norm, it creates a tipping point where the entire group follows suit. This shows the direct causal effect of the size of a committed minority on its capacity to create social change.

How do you prioritize human talk in an industry that is focused mainly on tech talk and money talk?

  1. Speak to what is meaningful…

Hobbits are important. The fate of civilization rested in the hands of a hobbit.

2. Be clear on your people value proposition

Don’t ask for permission in a permissionless culture. Craft your value proposition and engage respectfully. Listen. Observe. Engage. Create value/s.

3. Deliver structures that liberate

To distribute power across the strategic ecosystem. Everyone will appreciate you for the experience of freedom and opportunities to be heard. They will also love the agility and ability to create results without too many complicated “talk-shops”.

What can you do to put the spotlight on human talk” in this fast moving industry?

A corporation is just a set of rules, and so is software. It’s all code, and it doesn’t care about people, our priorities, or our future unless we bother to program those concerns into it. Douglass Rushkoff (Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus — How Growth Became the Enemy of Prosperity)
  1. Immerse yourself in the culture of the token and blockchain generation

What got you here today, won’t get you there tomorrow.

Watch Joe Lubin, Founder of ConsenSys and Co-founder of Ethereum’s key note on the Nature of the Firm, V 2.0, at Ethereal New York, 2018.

2. Understand the history and context first

I believe that empathy — the imaginative act of stepping into another person’s shoes and viewing the world from their perspective — is a radical tool for social change and should be a guiding light for the art of living. Roman Krznaric

The book Digital Gold is considered by many early influencers in the industry to be a credible representation of the start of the industry, as well as their original contributions.

3. Create a people narrative

One of the big gaps in creating more desire for engagement is that everyone talks a lot about the tech or money opportunities. Words like decentralization are not always understood, and for outsiders looking into the industry, it looks chaotic and often unappealing.

Starting conversations with a simple narrative helps in creating more curiousity about the industry and how it can address current global challenges.

Get inspired by reading the Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations by Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom (first published in 2008 — the year of the bitcoin genesis block).

Watch the Google Talk to see Rod Beckstrom in action.

Read the book

Personal and Team Leadership Reflection

  1. Why is it important to bring human talk into tech talk and money talk?
  2. How can people/human capital practitioners and experts from social sciences and humanities, engage, participate and take on leadership roles in our project/enterprise?
  3. What meaningful message will create a spotlight for the importance of including “human” our project/enterprise? Watch the Lord of the Rings extract above).
  4. Value proposition clarification: What is one big “people” pain-point/roadblock/barrier that our project/enterprise is facing right now? (For example, mass adoption). Apply the Value Proposition Canvas (watch the video clip above) to develop your thinking.
  5. What narrative can you develop that can win over the industry to include human talk in tech talk and money talk?

Fun activity: Cultural Immersion: The Way of the Powerless

“Most virtue is a demand for greater seduction.” — Natalie Barney

“Thousands of years ago, power was mostly gained through physical violence and maintained with brute strength. There was little need for subtlety — a king or emperor had to be merciless. Only a select few had power but no one suffered under this scheme of things more than women. They had no way to compete, no weapon at their disposal that could make a man do what they wanted — politically, socially or even in the home.

They learned, through cleverness and creativity, inventing ways to turn the dynamic around, creating a more and lasting, effective form of power.

In the face of violence and brutality, they learnt the ultimate form of power and persuasion — their power was not physical but psychological, not forceful but indirect and cunning.” Robert Greene (The Art of Seduction)

“Power resides where men believe it resides. It’s a trick, a shadow on the wall. And a very small man can cast a very large shadow.” Lord Varys

Game of Thrones is set in a brutal, winner takes all “game” like world. In here, we find another iconic role model: Varys from Game of Thrones, who became a trusted advisor to many of the influencers in the stories.

Quotes from Varys

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