We are the Blockchain Generation

Art and Image from CoinTelegraph: Amanda B Johnson

Jeremy Gardner coined the concept of “Generation Blockchain” whom he defined as “a generation of youth who think about blockchain as intuitively as Generation Z approaches email or social media.”

Having been on the advisory team for the first Bitcoin ATM which was launched in Vancouver, October 2013, with continued participation in building eco-systems to realize the potential of these technologies, I have captured a more expansive definition of the Blockchain Generation: extending into diverse people from the Baby Boomers all the way to Generation Z, from North America to far-away Africa — each with their own unique perspectives and platform design addressing unique social and economic environments.

The Blockchain Generation are people from all walks of life who think about the token economy, blockchain and AI as intuitively as Generation Z approaches email or social media.” (Inspired by and adapted from Jeremy Gardner)

The Need for Building a Bridge to the Distributed Token Economy

As token economy and blockchain gain more prominence in the marketplace, edge-walkers in traditional industries are researching and engaging with the technology.

Leading some of these engagements myself, I have also observed a variety of interactions in my role as a consultant and also as a self-identified member of the blockchain generation.

These experiences can best be described in the metaphor in the skillful performance from 2Cellos below:

The purpose of the Leadership Web 3.0

The Leadership Web 3.0 project from DigitalFutures is a living collection of immersion in the crypto and blockchain world, while operating as a “master node” for distributed leadership and organizational development.

The publication also creates a “cross-chain” between different blockchain tribes as well as the traditional market place to enable deeper understanding, the ability to see the creative potential (and risks), and engage with the ethics, skills and community network effects that supports positive impact as we transition into the distributed and regenerative digital economy.

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