Blockchain is Watching You!

What you were doing last Thursday evening? Do you remember it? In our days you can tell that evening was good enough if it were spent with blockchain tech people. Or in the worst case scenario with discussions about blockchain technology future among different professionals with beer with snack.

Distributed.Fund’s core team with a partnership with NuCypher organized an event in the hard of Amsterdam, City of channels.

Evening started from a Rick Schmitz’s (LegalThings One) welcoming word and continued by Michael Egorov (CTO of NuCypher). Definatly a highlight of the evening were quite big panel discussion, which engaged well-known blockchain experts: Igor Barinov (POA Network), Simon Schwerin (XAIN), Arnold Daniels (LegalThings One), Tey El-Rjula (TYKN), Jason Law (Sovrin), Michael Egorov (NuCypher).

After a meaningful dialogue all guests moved to the garden filled by a music, food and experts. Afterparty were quite long: most of the guests stayed till midnight, wanted to continue discussion with professional colleges. It is no wonder that nobody wanted to leave from a pleasant garden as we managed to have in one place people from Kronos, Outlier Ventures, BlueNode Capital, Grain IO, Blockdata, Toshi Times, CMS, Deloitte, Waves Platform, Fetch AI, Elastos, Remme, enterprise professionals and blockchain enthusiasts, representatives from academia, project executives and even venture capitalists.

We appreciate NuCypher and LegalThings One effort in organization “Blockchain is Watching You!”. Together we managed to make it very interesting!