New Board of Education leadership is elected

At the November Board of Education Meeting, Board President Jim Vroman announced that he was stepping down from the role of President. Mr. Vroman explained that “stepping down now will provide a transition period for us to work together as Brad Paulsen assumes the duties and responsibilities as Board President.” Mr. Vroman, whose term on the Board ends in April 2019, announced that he was not seeking re-election. Board policy directs that if the Board President steps down, the Board Vice President immediately assumes the role of President.

“I am confident that Brad will be a strong leader and the Board will continue to do the great work that it has always done as evidenced by the fourth consecutive School Board Governance award we received in October from the Illinois Association of School Boards, an achievement no other school board has ever made,” said Vroman.

The Board unanimously elected Chris Crabtree to serve as Board Vice President and Rob Hanlon to serve as Board Secretary.