3DCoin Project Districts lands on Cryptobridge and Discord: Let’s go to the future going from the present!

Jul 28, 2019 · 11 min read


Our 3DCommunity, of which we as a team feel totally part, comes from afar, made a long journey through time, born together with the project by the first friends, brothers we could say, who supported our team at the dawn of this great technological and visionary adventure that we call Project Districts 3DCoin and that by reading these words they will remember all the exciting moments but also the most difficult moments shared to date. The first 3DCoiners, who started the journey with us much earlier than the time of the rise and fall of the “ICOs” and of the “masternode coins”, our friends, even personal, brothers we could say, to whom during the long journey so many new 3DCoiners have joined, new friends and new brothers with whom, more than a year after the end of our ICO and the 3DCoin genesis block, we met, sometimes even clashed, but with whom we are honored to have shared the long journey so far.

Normality to reach the extraordinary

From these days to the end of July 2019 we are about to offer two new excellent and “ordinary” tools to all of them, which we appreciate a lot but of which we would like to underline precisely their ordinariness, normality to highlight the extraordinary nature of our project. Please note that only one technical data is taken into account. We do not want to give ourselves honorary titles or merits. We are showing only one of our technical peculiarities. And when we say that these are “ordinary” tools, we know very well that in reality they are not technically two ordinary tools that we are offering to our 3DCommunity. We are obviously talking about the listing on the Cryptobridge decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (dex) and the landing on the Discord chat and communication platform. In this case the ordinariness of which we speak is not a technical datum but must be framed within the sector of which somehow we are part, that is the crypto sector in general and the masternode sector in particular. Technically they are actually two instruments that we consider extraordinary and then we will also explain the reasons.

But two “ordinary” tools of these sectors appear to the general public because they are very widespread, because they are easily “affordable” (an exchange with listing costs accessible to anyone, a free basic communication platform for everyone) and, above all, many projects in the masternode sector start right here. They start from Cryptobridge and from Discord, a practice now consolidated especially in the world of coins rather than tokens and above all in the masternode sector, many projects initially concentrate all their resources on the use of these two tools that trivially become two instruments “ordinary” for many projects. For this reason we define them as ordinary, in this case it is not a technical datum but we refer only to the widespread use of these two excellent instruments, therefore ordinariness in the sense of diffusion.

“Only you are not on Cryptobridge or on Discord, why?”

We have heard this phrase many times. While developing our blockchain that today is an extraordinary tool enhanced by over 4000 masternodes that manage the creation of blocks by themselves, without “mining pow” and without “staking pos”, only masternodes and what we have called “Proof of Sync” the our new “first industry” consensus protocol that led the masternodes (a technical tool invented by Dash, ie full nodes remunerated for the services offered to the reference network, with some innovative functions of self-updating of the blockchain called “sporks” and with decentralized governance functions that have historically made Dash one of the first “DAO”) at a level of maximum importance in our blockchain. We really did “masternodes” become “master” if you wanted us to play the word game. That phrase, we said, we have heard it said many times even while we were developing the Virtual Reality platform for which we are making every effort possible to stay in line with the timelines provided by the roadmap because as real 3DCoiners we are we look forward to seeing realized. We want to amaze ourselves before surprising others.

As an artist who day and night works on his work in a tireless and frenetic way we saw nothing else, not even the normality of instruments easily accessible to anyone (only in this sense we have called them “ordinary”, we want to reiterate it at the cost of being repetitive, in the sense that they are tools normally available to anyone). In the meantime, however, our community that has always supported us grew and the needs of our community grew.

And then the day came also for our project of experiencing the ordinariness…

…of having normal trading and communication tools to be able to look more serenely at the extraordinary we are building. Once again we reiterate that we consider the extraordinary nature of our project to be technical, not a discussion of moral value. We are building the first platform for dapps in virtual reality accessible to anyone, supported by a 3-layered blockchain enhanced by an architecture consisting of 3 types of nodes (masternodes, primenodes, pulsenodes) all supported by a new consensus protocol based exclusively on masternodes. We think that defining this as extraordinary is simply a technical fact and not a moral evaluation. Just think of two circumstances: all the other virtual reality projects on blockchain that exist today are single “dapps” that run on blockchains of others (for example the well-known Decentraland is a dapp, with its own erc-20 token called “MANA” that runs on the Ethereum blockchain) while we offer an entire triple-layered blockchain built ad hoc to host an entire platform for many 3D / VR / AR / MR / XR dapps. Many dapps and tokens will be hosted on our blockchain. We are a blockchain and a development platform for dapps not a dapp! So it is easy to see how we are talking here about a much wider and more ambitious project. We are not saying that we are a new Ethereum in VR because we simply find it difficult to define our project by comparison with another one. We are Project Districts 3DCoin.

The second circumstance to think about when we talk about the extraordinary nature of our project is that if we look at other projects with masternodes, first of all Dash that the masternodes invented them and just recently with the system of the “chainlocks” he recognized an even greater importance than the normal service functions remunerated that he had assigned from the beginning, if we look at Dash and all the Dash emulators, then the masternodes in those blockchains are just a more or less important “second level” (with service and security functions for the respective blockchains) therefore still combined with a traditional consensus system that is pow / mining or pos / staking. Our project on March 14, 2019 instead brought the masternodes to a further step in their growth as a technology, making them independent of both the pow / mining (which we abandoned) and the pos / staking (which we never had in our network but which many projects use as an alternative to mining).

Note well that when we talk about “masternodes” we refer exclusively to the technology invented and introduced by Dash on blockchain whose code is forked (in the software sense of the term) by the opensource code of Bitcoin Core. We know that there are experiences of other types of “full nodes” (we can think trivially about the “dpos” type systems or even systems in which the nodes make a kind of mining even if with reduced impact) that is systems in which the full nodes they totally manage consensus differently from traditional mining or traditional staking and we know that in some cases some of these projects like to define “masternodes” their nodes, often they are also projects whose code of their own blockchains does not derive from Bitcoin Core, neither directly nor through Dash for example. We prefer a more classic definition of masternodes, which are precisely those invented by Dash and which also directly derive our masternodes, which we are honored to have brought to an even higher level of importance. Therefore when we speak of uniqueness, of “first industry” and so on, in reference to the fact that we are managing the consensus exclusively with masternodes, we refer precisely to the more classical and limited acceptance of traditional masternodes “à la Dash” as just specified.

We come to the details: Cryptobridge

In recent months there has been a vote in our 3DCommunity, managed through our official https://3dctalk.net forum which led to the choice of two exchanges in which to quote 3DCoin and in particular Crex24 and Cryptobridge. A centralized and a decentralized. Although the gap was minimal, Cryptobridge took first place. For purely technical reasons we went to listing first on Crex24 but after a few days from the listing on Crex24 we have started the procedures for listing also on Cryptobridge.

We must say that the attitude of the users towards these two exchanges has impressed us, the excellent feedback towards a centralized one with an excellent support for the users (Crex24) and the first place obtained by one of the best “dexes” ever existing that is Cryptobridge for a coin that is not an erc token as in our case. The preparation and awareness of our users is undeniable. Our users have appreciated the possibility of being listed on a legit dex. A dex that tries with all its strength to remain regulatory compliance while remaining a dex technically as operation. We are perfectly aware of the question of the KYC required by Cryptobridge to US users but we cannot blame the choices of an exchange that despite its essence of dex seeks to remain legit in the real world in which we all live.

Dex is also a purely technical datum linked to the operation on blockchain and on the particular blockchain “Graphene” by Bitshares (historically considered one of the first “DAOs”, together with Dash) which provides a particular mechanism of “assets” (an implementation of the concept of “colored coins”), so that sometimes Cryptobridge new users do not have a clear understanding of their account management, private keys and fees, mechanisms related more to the operation of Bitshares, blockchain on which, as mentioned, runs Cryptobridge which not to the operation of Cryptobridge itself. Our 3DCoiners most attentive to the technical details and mechanisms are ready together with our team to explain and assist users day by day in this new experience which will be the use of a decentralized exchange like Cryptobridge.

At the end of this article you will find some quick links for further information on Cryptobridge.

Moreover we want to point out that we are particularly happy with this choice of listing on Cryptobridge by our users because we see in Crptobridge not only an exchange but a team of young, vital and competent people who work hard to grow their project, who release continuous updates, which seek to involve and inform their users by providing maximum assistance also through the use of communication platforms in step with the times.

So it’s time for Discord! :)

It is no coincidence that we decided to land on Discord just in conjunction with the listing on Cryptobridge as you may have guessed. Discord is an advanced chat platform organized in servers and channels. If Telegram is normally used by all crypto projects including the most famous as the first communication channel, as a first approach for the user, then it is also a sort of “showcase” like a website now, Discord is instead the platform of communication, team working and user support, but also more widespread entertainment and leisure for the users in the crypto sector. We all know that Discord is essentially born as a chat for gamers but then it has also spread to the crypto sector especially for projects with masternodes that require constant assistance to users due to the often demanding but also engaging management of masternodes. Telegram has been and remains the main home of our community, often the first contact with the project takes place right on Telegram. Telegram has been and remains our main showcase and in over a year of use we can say that we have one of the official Telegram groups, with access hub, national groups (some born in these days, others active for over a year), informative channels even unofficial but managed by the community, among the best and most appreciated of the whole crypto space. Our Telegram groups are almost immune from spam thanks to the tireless work of our bots and our constant presence with the help of our users. And in our groups, our users basically enjoy participating in the project, from dawn on when they begin to wish the “good morning” thing that has become jokingly a catchphrase of the group with stickers and emojis of cups of coffee that run continuously in the group. We don’t take ourselves too seriously when we do these things but we simply live them with a lot of self-irony. And of course we appreciate the irony in good faith of those who have always noticed this peculiarity of our community.

From now on, also Discord will be our new home where we have set up several technical and support channels to better assist our “masternode operators” and all 3DCoiners in general, but in which we also offer several entertainment channels. Do you want some names?

We have set up a “café garage” channel (coffee could not be missing, of course!), then we have a “roxy bar” channel from which it will be possible to also manage music thanks to the well-known Dyno bot for Discord, then again a “cryptoart gallery” because of the role that cryptoart has always had in our project and that it will have more and more in the future (it is one of the use cases that we like best and which we will talk about later). We also have a “gamers room” that cannot miss in a project dedicated to virtual reality and obviously a “VR corner” in which to discuss all the immersive technologies (VR / AR / MR / XR) which are the central theme of our project .

Also for Discord you will find some links with useful resources at the end of the article.

We are sure that now, that we have told you in a very simple and relaxed way our journey to Cryptobridge and to Discord and that we have described to you some details of these platforms and what they can offer, you will look forward to trading 3DCoin and Bitcoin (in fact we will have the pair of 3DC with BTC in the meantime) on Cryptobridge and come and visit us in our Discord server and maybe stay with us in our big family that we affectionately call with a bit of pride “3DCommunity”.

We are already waiting for you, there is space for everyone!

Finally as you may have noticed with the excuse of talking to you about these two new services that we offer to our users, we were also able to talk to you a little about our project, we cannot fail to talk about what we love at every opportunity, we are sure you will understand… :)

The opening of 3DC trading on Cryptobridge and the opening to users of our Discord server will be announced shortly through our official Twitter accounts and through our Telegram group, you can find the links below.

Welcome to the future with Project Districts and 3DCoin!

Coming on Cryptobridge and Discord!

Useful resources related to 3DCoin Project Districts:

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Our official Twitter accounts:




Project Districts is the innovative platform for Virtual…


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Project Districts is the innovative platform for Virtual Reality, 3D dapps and immersive technologies, powered by 3DCoin, a triple layered blockchain with a large decentralized network of thousands of nodes running a new first industry full masternode consensus protocol.

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