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Ask me anything. It all started on any Friday from this impromptu message by Zine Laabidine Rezig, CEO, founder, software architect and lead developer of 3DCoin / Project Districts in the official Telegram group. It was last September 20th and in the same AMA was announced the unexpected novelty of a weekly frequency of this confrontation mode very popular and desired by users of any crypto project for obvious reasons.

Being able to ask anything and get an answer directly from the project’s “commander” is almost a luxury that only those who are aware and sure of working transparently for the success of their project can afford to offer their users. In 3DCoin / Project Districts the AMA is not a luxury but it becomes a normal weekly activity offered to users. Therefore, with this initiative, we transform a seemingly unattainable luxury into a possibility offered to everyone.

We are not like other cryptos, AMA every Friday, all day long, so you won’t miss it. (Zine Laabidine Rezig)

In order to make these weekly AMAs even more usable, to which we would like everyone to participate, precise methods of execution have been chosen.

1) The AMA normally takes place on Telegram, but it is possible that there may be occasional changes in the future, i.e. AMA on other platforms (Discord for example), but Telegram still remains our basic platform, the most used always in our Community;

2) The AMA always takes place on the same day so that everyone knows that on Fridays even without special bombastic announcements we will be there ready to answer any questions. As it is normal that there may be cases in which for exceptional reasons we will have to cancel the AMA on a specific Friday but notice will be given of this as far as possible with a certain advance (except in unexpected cases) and in any case with a default weekly schedule we believe that such cases can be considered both physiological and irrelevant when they occur;

3) The AMA lasts several hours, we could say all day long, so it’s not a hit and run AMA where you risk not being able to ask your question or in which the CEO runs off to take a providential plane to participate to an unspecified convention reserved exclusively for CEOs… :) but these are discussion meetings in which the interlocutor makes himself available in the group for several hours and therefore is a tool designed primarily for users;

4) To these participation modalities indicated above is added that a campaign on Twitter and a campaign on Facebook have been launched simultaneously with the hashtag #ask3DC in which, by replying to the campaign posts, a question can be asked at a different time from the live AMA (for example in the previous days) and the questions made with this “asynchronous” method will be collected and answered during the AMA or in our official 3dctalk.net forum;


5) A specific category has been created in our 3DCoinTalk! forum called “AMA Logs” in which to make our weekly AMAs even more usable, the logs will usually be published within a couple of days after each AMA. The questions and answers for greater usability and readability are corrected if necessary, selected, elaborated, grouped by topic, in short, an editorial cut is given to the logs but without distorting their meaning and content naturally. In any case, everything with the utmost transparency because every single AMA remains fully available in our Telegram group and in each log the message of the beginning of each AMA is directly linked so that it can be easily found and readable by anyone, even after time;

6) We will publish monthly a short article on Medium which will be a sort of “recap” of the weekly AMAs held in the previous month. This will allow those who do not have the opportunity to participate in real time to the live AMA on Friday, to those who do not have the time or desire to read the logs, which can sometimes be particularly long due to the number or complexity of the questions and answers, to those who in short need a quick summary look at what was said in the latest AMAs to have a single monthly article highlighting the most important things discussed during the month in the various AMAs. Let’s take another step towards our users to give everyone the opportunity to stay informed about the project, even to those who have little time to read everything and prefer a quick summary of the highlights;

7) Of course we are giving due prominence to every single AMA with tweets and posts on the various social networks, moreover we are exploiting the possibilities offered by calendars of crypto events like the well-known CoinMarketCal that allows us both to give visibility to our AMAs outside the “3DCommunity” both to actively involve our users by voting for the event, in reality rather than voting it is a matter of confirming that the event is real and is actually taking place, but it remains a nice involvement for users to be able to click on the “button with thumb up” on the page of our AMA event on CoinMarketCal and show all your support and appreciation for these fantastic 3DCoin / Project Districts initiatives!

So do not hesitate to participate in the next Friday’s AMA, we are waiting for you in our Telegram group!

You can stay updated on 3DCoin / Project Districts events through our usual contact channels (e.g. Telegram, Discord, and Twitter as well) and now also via the 3DC page on CoinMarketCal:


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Project Districts is the innovative platform for Virtual Reality, 3D dapps and immersive technologies, powered by 3DCoin, a triple layered blockchain with a large decentralized network of thousands of nodes running a new first industry full masternode consensus protocol.


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Project Districts is the innovative platform for Virtual Reality, 3D dapps and immersive technologies, powered by 3DCoin, a triple layered blockchain with a large decentralized network of thousands of nodes running a new first industry full masternode consensus protocol.

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