3DCoin / Project Districts “Weekly AMAs” RECAPS: December 2019

Dec 31, 2019 · 6 min read
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Friday! But how much 3DCoiners love this day! On Friday we know there is an unmissable appointment for every 3DCoiner worthy of the name. We learned about 3DCoiners who woke up their wake-up call at 3am to take part in the AMA, we learned about 3DCoin addicted guys who came back from a Virtual Reality trip to take part in one of our AMAs, we even heard of masternode operators that stopped for a moment to admire a Linux terminal to participate in one of our AMAs. We could go on like this endlessly, fantasizing about improbable (but not impossible!) adventures of our users to be present at every AMA. And if we tell stories like that traveling with fantasy we do it only to express our gratitude to our 3DCoiners who manage to be present on Telegram to chat with us at all our weekly Friday’s AMAs! The already famous AMAs branded “3DCoin Project Districts”!

This is the final AMAs recap of 2019, in this year 3DCoin Project Districts has introduced many innovations both on the development front, primarily with its own “first industry” consensus protocol “Proof Of Sync” (“POSync”) based exclusively on nodes and with the v15 fork at the 850k block height that will bring us many new features in the process of being released from the collateral increased to 25k 3DC but “temporary” and “unlockable” (a new concept for the masternode industry), to the “tokenization” of the ownership of the nodes (a kind of NFT, this too a new concept for the masternode sector) to second layer of specialized Primenodes and later to third layer of specialized Pulsenodes, but also many news and improvements on the front of marketing, communication and user support thanks to a more active presence on the most important socials, weekly AMAs on Telegram and the inauguration of the Discord channel, the presentation of the project to a wider audience thanks to the new listings on Crex24 exchange, Masternodes Online, CoinMarketCap and now the listing from the first day of launch on the new Midas exchange as well as on the most well-known “crypto rankings” sites, on the most well-known “managed masternodes hosting” and “sharing masternodes platforms” and on the most important “cryptocalendars” in addition to confirming its presence as Premium Buzz Backer on Masternode Buzz the main news headline of the masternode industry. All this in view of the great news that await us for 2020 with the wait for the release of the main features of the project, so we wish all our users, our beloved 3DCoiners, a happy and wonderful new year and of course another year with 3DCoin Project Districts!

AMA summary of 6 December 2019

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The first December’s AMA, like the last two of November, took place at a fairly quiet time for the network after the considerable efforts of first half of November, the masternodes network it’s working normally and most of the 3DCoin masternodes have been updated, synchronized and enabled ready to overcome the scheduled fork at the 850k block height.
During this AMA we discussed as usual the highly anticipated new upcoming Primenodes that can be activated after completing the updates scheduled after the 850k block fork (in the ratio of 1:30 with the Masternodes as we know) that will come, with the future Pulsenodes that will be the third layer after the second layer of Primenodes and the first layer of Masternodes, to build the 3DCoin triple layered blockchain, all structural nodes with very specific functions especially in relation to the Project Districts Virtual Reality dapps platform. In particular, in this AMA it was anticipated that a specific Primenodes whitepaper will be released shortly on Github which will explain all their important functions and in this AMA the Lead Dev gave some interesting previews on the features of Primenodes that will function as a DNS and decentralized web servers for dapps.

We also talked also about the future release of the ready mobile wallet but also about the long awaited DVS (Districts Visual Studio) and the basic features that PCs will have on which the Districts Virtual Reality dapps platform will run and finally the timing related to both the completion of the development and the marketing campaigns and listing on additional exchanges and forecasts that hope that the whole project will be completed by the end of 2020.

This AMA was not only a “trending” event as usual on CoinMarketCal for some days but also for the second consecutive time one of our most voted events with over 100 votes and always for the second consecutive time we got 100% confidence

AMA Log 6 Dec. 2019:


AMA summary of 13 December 2019

Image by ItNeverEnds from Pixabay

This AMA was held at the end of a week a bit subdued but also tiring for the 3DCoiners because of the chain stuck for a few hours that occurred and quickly resolved at the beginning of the week.

Most of the questions concerned essentially technical details on the problems occurred to the network, on the expected updates for the wallet and for the technical documentation and on the fork scheduled for the now imminent 850k block.

AMA Log 13 Dec. 2019:


AMA summary of 20 December 2019

Image by Mudassar Iqbal from Pixabay

A very important AMA because having taken place after the scheduled and successful 850k block hardfork.

The AMA has seen a great interest and many technical explanations on the innovations introduced by the fork and on the various update steps planned for the various phases of v15.

Some details have been explained on the Primenodes which will be introduced.

AMA Log 20 Dec. 2019:


AMA summary of 27 December 2019

Image by naobim from Pixabay

A fairly short AMA as most of the doubts relating to the updates in progress (after the scheduled and successfull fork of the block 850k) have already been clarified in the previous weekly AMAs.

Apart from some details on the timing of the release of the various updates and on the upcoming Primenodes there is no particular information that our users need in this quiet but important phase for the v15 update.

AMA Log 27 Dec. 2019:


Concluding this monthly recap we cannot fail to take the opportunity to invite you as always to participate in our next weekly Friday’s AMA, we are waiting for you in our Telegram group!


You can stay updated on 3DCoin / Project Districts events through our usual contact channels (e.g. Telegram, Discord, 3DCTalk forum and Twitter as well) and also via the 3DC page on CoinMarketCal, 3DC page on Coindar and 3DC page on Coinscalendar:




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Project Districts is the innovative platform for Virtual Reality, 3D dapps and immersive technologies, powered by 3DCoin, a triple layered blockchain with a large decentralized network of thousands of nodes running a new first industry full masternode consensus protocol.


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Project Districts is the innovative platform for Virtual Reality, 3D dapps and immersive technologies, powered by 3DCoin, a triple layered blockchain with a large decentralized network of thousands of nodes running a new first industry full masternode consensus protocol.

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