3DCoin / Project Districts “Weekly AMAs” RECAPS: October 2019

Oct 29 · 8 min read
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Friday! But how much 3DCoiners love this day! On Friday we know there is an unmissable appointment for every 3DCoiner worthy of the name. We learned about 3DCoiners who woke up their wake-up call at 3am to take part in the AMA, we learned about 3DCoin addicted guys who came back from a Virtual Reality trip to take part in one of our AMAs, we even heard of masternode operators that stopped for a moment to admire a Linux terminal to participate in one of our AMAs. We could go on like this endlessly, fantasizing about improbable (but not impossible!) adventures of our users to be present at every AMA. And if we tell stories like that traveling with fantasy we do it only to express our gratitude to our 3DCoiners who manage to be present on Telegram to chat with us at all our weekly Friday’s AMAs! The already famous AMAs branded “3DCoin Project Districts”!

October was a difficult but intense month for our project because we are back from a splitchain really difficult to manage even if our developers and our masternodes operators did not lose heart and armed with keyboards they put our network back on its feet! You know that, 3DCoin is an experimental blockchain network with a new first industry “consensus protocol” based exclusively on masternodes, without traditional mining and without classic staking. So we are prepared to face any sudden braking, but we are also ready to roar our blockchain engines once again! So our last AMA in October was almost entirely dedicated to these problems that we had to face with the support of our fantastic 3DCommunity and despite our Lead Dev with the whole team of devs having spent several nights tuning the 3DC blockchain and watching over the masternodes network, like so many voluntary devs and masternodes operators of the 3DCoin community, despite this we have not given up even spending the last Friday of October in the company of our beloved community to explain what had happened and how important it is to quickly update and keep the thousands of 3DC masternodes up and running (we are one of the largest existing masternodes networks, as well as an experimental and innovative blockchain, needless to deny it). Our masternodes operators know well now also thanks to our weekly AMAs that it is important to update all masternodes in anticipation of the already planned and imminent fork v0.15 that will bring our project to the next level, activating new features of our innovative POSync protocol (Proof Of Sync, the 3DC consensus protocol in which only the masternodes create blocks) and paving the way for Primenodes and the new “smart scripts” feature which will bring a breath of fresh air to the “smart contracts” sector.

“Proof Of Sync” (and its immunity to attack), Primenodes, Smart-scripts: here are three recurring topics that you will find in the October AMAs. Topics that are too interesting to avoid continuous and legitimate questions from our users. But also “multichain access” and “IoT applications” have found space among the more technical topics.

Speaking of nodes there is also talk of two upcoming news that 3DCoin is the first to introduce in the masternode sector: the “temporary” or “unlockable” collateral (which acts only as an “antispam” for masternode activation, so no longer to be seen as a form of “stake” or “investment” as normally occurs in the masternode sector) and the “tokenization” and “transferability as a digital asset” (a kind of “NFT”) of the “ownership of a masternode”, manageable through a future DEX integrated into the new 3DCoin lightwallet and available soon (a multiplatform desktop and mobile wallet built from the scratch) that will send into “retirement” the good old traditional 3DCoin QT Core wallet which many of us are still fond of but we think has now had its day.

As for Project Districts (the great Virtual Reality and “immersive technologies” dapps platform based on the 3DCoin blockchain and whose dapps will be fed by the 3DC cryptocurrency) we naturally talked in our October AMAs about some Virtual Reality features such as “virtual lands” but technical clarifications were also given on the choice of the graphic engine of the Districts World (Unreal Engine 4) and on the compatibility of the VR headsets / viewer. There was also talk of a very important topic for the VR industry, that is the problem of “motion sickness”.

This that you have read up to here was a sort of global overview of the October AMAs, not exhaustive of course, it would be impossible to tell everything we said in four AMAs with so many arguments! But we had already published with the AMA logs some small summaries and then here they are, at the end of each summary you will find the direct link that takes you to the log of every single AMA published in our official 3DCTalk.net forum.

AMA summary of 4 October 2019

Image by rawpixel from Pixabay

Marketing has been the main topic of this AMA. There has also been talk of exchanges and nodes, two very important topics, but little has been said about these topics since in the September AMAs a lot has been discussed, moreover the current composition of the team and the imminent release of the highly anticipated mobile wallet was also discussed. Our users have also shown to be real tech insiders with specific questions concerning for example the Virtual Reality, in this AMA it was in fact also spoken of “motion sickness” and what will be the way to tackle this common problem related to VR technology.

One of the phrases that will remain of this AMA is certainly the following:

“3DCoin is a community project” (Z.)

AMA Log 4 Oct. 2019:


AMA summary of 11 October 2019

Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

The main topic was the 3DCoin upcoming fork update v0.15, there was talk above all of nodes and in particular of the upcoming Primenodes but also of the “virtual lands” of the VR Districts World which is a subject that intrigues so much our users.

AMA Log 11 Oct. 2019:


AMA summary of 18 October 2019

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

A very intense AMA, with a large participation of users, even from time zones that are not easy for AMA, because our users do not want to miss our events! An AMA full of technical details but also of juicy anticipations. For the technical part, we discussed a lot about Proof Of Sync, the 3DCoin first industry consensus protocol “full masternodes only” which has been active now for over 6 months, further details were provided about its operation and safety against attacks. We naturally discussed about characteristics and requirements that will enable us to keep the actual masternodes activated with the 1k 3DC collateral even after the upcoming fork / update in which we will migrate to the “unlockable” or “temporary” 25k 3DC collateral and will be the long-awaited Primenodes are also activated. Also another absolute innovation conceived by 3DCoin team that is the announced and future possibility of “tokenization” and “transferability” of a masternode ownership via “smart script” in the 3DCoin wallet was a very important topic of discussion. Even the new lightwallet build from the scratch that will be released and will replace the classic “QT core wallet” and also the innovative “smart scripts” have been central topics of this AMA. Many other technical details have been provided, there has been talk of a kind of DEX for the exchange of digital assets, including other coins, which can be integrated in the future in the wallet, there was talk of multichain access and IoT applications that can be managed through the 3DC network and many other things.

We like to remember this AMA with a comment from one of our historic users and big 3DC supporter, our friend “Mickbit” hat despite the unfavorable time zone for the time of the event wanted to take part in the event, whom we are honored to quote:

Interoperability — another big label to add to 3DC, right beside “instant transactions”, largest masternode network, 51% attack proof, eco-friendly, VR/AR, smart scripts, …man, what an absolute beast of a crypto — nothin else has this much. (Mickbit)

AMA Log 18 Oct. 2019:


AMA summary of 25 October 2019

Image by Simone_ph from Pixabay

The last AMA of October as already anticipated at the beginning of this monthly recap was focused on splitchain problems occurring around October 21st and was particularly expected by 3DCommunity and above all by the many masternode operators that in the previous days had to face various “urgent” updates (hotfixes) due to the splitchain problems that occurred just in the previous days. The network problems that created a considerable extra work for the team and for the community, especially for masternodes operators, were promptly solved within a few hours by the team and the network had already returned to normal operations even before the AMA, but for obvious reasons, even just for the curiosity to know the technical details of which many of our users are passionate (both advanced users and newbies), the main topic of the AMA was precisely that relating to the splitchain problems of the network.

AMA Log 25 Oct. 2019:


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Project Districts is the innovative platform for Virtual Reality, 3D dapps and immersive technologies, powered by 3DCoin, a triple layered blockchain with a large decentralized network of thousands of nodes running a new first industry full masternode consensus protocol.


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Project Districts is the innovative platform for Virtual Reality, 3D dapps and immersive technologies, powered by 3DCoin, a triple layered blockchain with a large decentralized network of thousands of nodes running a new first industry full masternode consensus protocol.

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