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You already know: Ask me anything! This is how it all started, just one Friday in September, in a completely unexpected way like the first cheerful drizzle that refreshes the air after the scorching heat of the summer. “Z” comes in the chat, our Z (Zine Laabidine Rezig, CEO, founder, software architect and lead developer of 3DCoin / Project Districts) and simply launches this new fixed appointment of our Friday’s AMA.

In recent days we have published another article on Medium that explains in detail how our weekly AMAs take place but above all what we are experimenting for you, to allow you to always be informed about our AMA even when you cannot be present live in chat just that Friday.

This that you are reading now is one of the tools that we have decided to use just for this purpose, it is in fact a small monthly recap that contains a summary of the main topics of the AMA carried out in the month. This time our summary will be particularly “ristretto” because our weekly AMAs started on September 20th and therefore in September only two AMAs were held, even if as you will see dense with interesting topics and with some unexpected news. Let’s begin!

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AMA once on a week to keep everyone involved and updated (Zine Laabidine Rezig)

This was the first news of September 20th and our users immediately got closer to the team and the project. So the questions about what the team is working on have started. It was therefore revealed that we are working on a new block explorer built from scratch and better performing than the current 3dcstats.net (based on Insight) and also on the highly anticipated new 3DC mobile wallet, also built from scratch as we like it, wallet of which we have already had the opportunity to show some interesting previews on our Trello public board. Speaking of Trello in the AMA of September 27 we said that it is a tool that we will later use more frequently to allow our users to follow our work step by step.

3DCoin mobile wallet preview

During the AMA of 20 September we emphasized that our focus will be first of all on the new smart scripts and on the future dapps, all features that will be implemented gradually, after the imminent programmed fork of the 800k block, that is with the various releases will follow from v0.15 release. The “smart scripts” will be a great novelty for the cryptospace and in particular for the smart contracts, so they very much attract the curiosity of 3DCoiners and have found space also in the questions of the AMA of 27 September.

Each “smart script” can be described as a one-purpose contract. The “smart script” will make your life easier. (Z.)

The AMA of 20 September was also marked by the preponderance of the questions concerning the Masternodes and the additional types of specialized nodes (Primenodes and Pulsenodes) that will be introduced gradually. The upcoming news regarding 3DCoin nodes, that are structural nodes for our ecosystem, not by chance we have a first industry “full masternodes only” consensus based just on nodes, that is our “Proof Of Sync” consensus protocol without “POW” and without “POS”, are news too good to go unnoticed . In particular, the two AMAs introduced the novelty of the tokenizable and transferable “ownership” of the masternodes, a concept that is naturally related to the other novelty already announced previously of the “temporary collateral” that can be released after node activation. In short, as you know, our project is a forge of innovations, new experimental implementations that we need to build a large triple layered blockchain to host the virtual reality of the DVS (Districts Visual Studio) or better to say the worlds of the “Districts World”. In particular, questions and answers on the nodes focused on the requirements to be met to keep the nodes in view of the 800k block, in particular to develop the right to keep the nodes activated with the current collateral of only 1000 3DCs in view of the subsequent increase to 25000 3DC (but it will be a “temporary collateral”, another innovative concept that we will introduce and that we have announced for a long time), on the hardware requirements that initially should be equal to the current ones, but for the Prime will increase based on the dapps that the owners will want to host, on the “activity score” which in the mature version of Proof Of Sync will replace the current “voting system” and will be based in particular on the number of connections connected to the performance of the VPS.

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Virtual Reality, another pivotal topic of September AMAs and we would have been amazed had it not been so! Particularly in the AMA of September 27th there was a lot of talk about the “land tokens” of the Districts World that can be generated by the Districts Visual Studio during the construction of VR dapps or purchased by other users. In the logs of the various AMAs that we have already published in our 3DCoinTalk forum you can naturally find more details on this and on the other topics we have tried to summarize in this monthly recap of the AMA of September 2019. Inside the logs you will also find the link to the first Telegram message of each AMA, in this way you can also read the entire original AMA in our Telegram group.

We want to close this brief overview of the main topics of our September AMAs with a sentence that has greatly amazed our 3DCommunity, in the context of the questions and answers regarding the issue of future listings on larger exchanges and the need for commitment of all the community for the support and spread of the project.

Community activities are like an Italian suit for the team we wear it in every meeting with an exchange, we need the fancy suit, not the funds. (Z.)

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Finally with the occasion we invite you as always to participate in the next Friday’s AMA, we are waiting for you in our Telegram group!


You can stay updated on 3DCoin / Project Districts events through our usual contact channels (e.g. Telegram, Discord, and Twitter as well) and also via the 3DC page on CoinMarketCal:


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Project Districts is the innovative platform for Virtual Reality, 3D dapps and immersive technologies, powered by 3DCoin, a triple layered blockchain with a large decentralized network of thousands of nodes running a new first industry full masternode consensus protocol.


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Project Districts is the innovative platform for Virtual Reality, 3D dapps and immersive technologies, powered by 3DCoin, a triple layered blockchain with a large decentralized network of thousands of nodes running a new first industry full masternode consensus protocol.

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