3DCoin Stickers Contest 2019 Winners Interview

May 10 · 9 min read

The “3DCoin Project Districts” Telegram stickers contest took place between March and April 2019 and involved our 3DCommunity in a festive atmosphere.

The contest was organized as a moment of leisure after the considerable commitment that the 3DCoiners and in particular the numerous “masternode operators” had to face between the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 until mid-March because of the many updates released according to the fork scheduled and occurred at block 475000 on March 14, 2019 which introduced a new consensus protocol in absolute world preview called “Proof of Sync” and based exclusively on the creation of blocks made by masternodes only without the aid of the traditional POW (“proof of work” / “mining”) and without POS (“proof of stake” / “staking”). Even if this is not the place to discuss our new consensus protocol, we would like to underline, for the benefit of the reader not aware of this important change, that the innovative scope of this new consensus mechanism that we have introduced stands in the fact that ours is a “normal” o “standard” masternodes network, that is the “classic” masternodes like those introduced by Dash in 2014, so our blockchain has a “classic decentralized and dynamic network” of masternodes in which the masternodes themselves are activated and deactivated at will by “masternodes operators” without the need for authorizations by a “central authority” as it happens instead in “static networks of federated nodes” (for example in “DPOS” blockchains or in some not fully decentralized and not classic/standard masternodes networks). Without the need for hardware equipment superior to those of the classic “masternodes” and without the need for a central authority, we were able to implement a new consensus mechanism that allows normal masternodes to create the blocks themselves and not to perform merely although important service functions as normally occurs in networks with masternodes like Dash.
The community’s commitment has been considerable to support and follow the team in this exciting adventure, a step that was not foreseen by the roadmap but which was necessary to prepare the ground for the 3DCoin infrastructure consisting of a triple blockchain managed by a triple level of nodes that will host the VR platform of the Districts Visual Studio. The introduction of this innovative protocol as a function of such an articulated infrastructure pushes 3DCoin in the olympus of the most innovative and experimental projects not only of the smallest masternodes industry but also of the whole “crypto world”. It was, therefore, necessary to have a leisure break for the 3DCommunity after the commitment of the previous months and for a graphic-oriented project like 3DCoin it was natural to think of a stickers contest. Moreover, Telegram plays a fundamental role in the current management of our community! To reward the participants, some “collateral” for masternodes were awarded (ie some thousands of 3DCoins) and in addition to the team, some members of the community also contributed with great generosity by increasing the final “jackpot” and making sure that all participants were awarded a prize. Furthermore, the staff of the largest community pool of 3DC masternodes also offered a free year of masternode managed hosting as an additional prize for the contest winners.
To end this great contest in a memorable way, the team wanted to carry out a small “interview” with the two winners, that is the author of the first two stickers classified and the author of the third sticker on the podium.
As is well known, the “Scudoretto” user has created the first two stickers (the “girl in love” and the “bike that rears”) while the user “Theoxys” has created the third sticker that has reached the podium (the drawing that represents a “3D model of a natural landscape”). At the beginning of the contest Scudoretto left everyone stunned by a large number of nice stickers presented but after a few days he had to deal with an equally prolific challenger, Theoxys, and then the challenge became particularly compelling and the whole community was nice “flooded “daily from many likeable stickers and the users engaged in voting had the classic embarrassment of the choice because they wanted to vote all the stickers! In addition, all the other good participants also contributed to liven up the competition with great skills!
All the stickers presented, the rules and the contest prizes can be found at the following link of our official forum (you can also see the votes received by the individual posts containing the stickers to understand how many votes each sticker has obtained).

Instead, the final result and comments of the contest are available at the following final topic in our forum:

These are the three winning stickers:

But now it’s time to give a voice to the two winners, who accepted with enthusiasm to submit to the questions of this interview almost “surprisingly”.
Both were asked the same questions and were given the maximum freedom to respond freely or simply not to answer.
Each question is arranged by the 3DC team and then the answers of the two participants follow.

1) Let’s go with the first question… How did you hear about our contest? For example: Official 3dctalk.net forum, official Telegram group, other Telegram groups / channels outside the project, Twitter, Reddit, other (specify if you want).
Scudoretto’s answer: I learned about the contest thanks to a post in the generic Telegram Italian crypto group
Theoxys’s answer: On Twitter, I usually search for art/graphic design contest by crypto/blockchain projects. Stumbled on 3DCoin, and upon skimming I find it as a good project and community also, so I join the contest.

2) Would you have imagined that these three would have been the winning stickers?
Sc: No and I thought that the “to the moon” or the “when lambo?” stickers could be more appreciated, but we know everyone has their own tastes!
Th: No :)

3) Were there any other stickers in particular among yours that you liked better than those that won?
Sc: The same answer I gave above applies! :)
Th: In order, the “guy with the VR headset, the blue hair and the bow tie”, the “astronaut with the 3DCoin logo” and the “3D model of the natural landscape”. This last one which is the only one among mine that has won and is the one that has really ranked third is still a decent choice based on my personal tastes :)

4) Among the stickers presented by the other participants which one did you like the most? If you want you can also compose your own ideal ranking with three positions. We would just like to know the tastes of an artist that may be different from those of “ordinary people” because probably a designer has different technical parameters of evaluation.
Sc: I really like the sticker of the “guy with the VR headset, the blue hair and the bow tie”:

Th: The figure with the VR headset looking at the 3DCoins, the hexagonal 3DC logo, the bike that rears up… too i still prefer my own works :)

5) Was this contest artistically stimulating for you? Did it “awaken” your artistic vein in the right way? We think so since you are among the winners but we would like to know if your experience has been positive from the creative point of view.
Sc: I really enjoyed myself, it’s a pleasure to see my stickers on the group. Stickers that go around the world born in Italy and add to the various accounts on the globe!
Th: Yes, the project itself, as it was about “3D”, ‘VR”…

6) By participating in this contest did you learn something about 3DCoin Project Districts too?
Sc: Definitely yes, I think it is important to understand what the project foresees. Follow the social networks also to understand what users want, what the problems may be and which are the strengths of the project.
Th: Yes, this was the first project I know that want to disrupt VR, that runs on it’s own blockchain..

7) Now that you are a “collateral” holder for masternode 3DCoin thanks to the prize, do you think you’ll let yourself be taken by the “passion” for the project and for the management of masternodes? Will you use the collateral for the masternode or will you just “hold” the coins won? Do you think you will use the free managed hosting service for a year made available by the 3DC community pool as an additional bonus or have not yet decided? You can also answer “I don’t know” if you haven’t thought about it yet.
Sc: Passion for the project yes! Masternode let’s see what I can do because I am very “dry” in this sense… hodl surely yes too!!! But probably that some masternode I try to set it. Among other things, it would be the first for me. The first masternode is never forgotten! For the extra 1 year free managed masternode hosting offered by the 3DC community pool prize, I would like but I would not want to put a burden on the pool costs so I value the situation.
Th: Yes, I will grab that free hosting opportunity.

8) What do you think generally about virtual reality and immersive experiences? You can say everything you think of this technology which is one of the fundamental aspects of our project. You are an artist and we are particularly interested in your point of view on these new and fascinating technologies closely related to graphic arts.
Sc: Virtual reality is very fascinating and I believe that in the coming years it will be more present. The important thing is that we can always separate the Virtual from the Real. Artist is a big word, I’m a fan who has a lot of imagination.
Th: That space is still very new, I have not yet have a VR experience aside from a theme park I visited, but I think it will disrupt the education/entertainment industry. It will also open many doors for graphic/3D artists.

9) Do you want to say something about the 3DCoin Project Districts project specifically or about the crypto sector and / or the masternodes sector in general? We do not know your level of “immersion” in the project and in these areas so even here you are free not to answer if you have no comments to make. And now that you are “famous” in our community :) feel free to tell us whatever you can tell us about yourself or your work or your passions, this space is at your disposal to greet our (and now yours too!) community the way you prefer. Of course, we don’t want to violate your privacy or push you to reveal personal information about you, so consider what you can say publicly about yourself, it’s not a KYC! :) You can also simply tell us in a very general way how your passion for drawing was born, how you came to the crypto. So now you are a “VIP” in our community and as you know the public is eager for information on famous people!
Sc: I have a lot of faith in the crypto world, it is very fascinating. Scam is found not only in cryptocurrencies but in all areas. I do not like to read in general in the various cryptocurrency groups (I follow several) only and exclusively negative comments and I do not understand why such people waste their time writing on the crypto channels. My regret is that I did not love the crypto in 2010 when I saw a small Bitcoin article on TV. I like to follow some youtuber especially positive-minded as I am! What about me… I have different passions but I don’t like talking about myself … I leave you with an image that could be a starting point for a possible future contest for the background of a new graphics theme for the 3DCoin core wallet !!!* (*note: see the image of the superhero and the building included in this article).
Th: I thank God for meeting this project and the community. Thanks for the team and also for the one community member who gave me an additional 3 MN. If you want to know more about me and my passions and you want to follow me my Twitter account is

Well, guys, your answers really struck us, thanks again for your great availability and for the beautiful stickers you made, we are happy to have you with us in our 3DCommunity!
Once again and as always we say… welcome to the future and have fun with 3DCoin Project Districts!


One of the blockchain’s most innovative and functionality laden applications


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One of the blockchain’s most innovative and functionality laden applications