PoW#3: Updates to the ditExplorer v0.2, ditCLI v0.3 and Introducing the ditIndexer

Progress report on ditcraft technology stack

Yannik Goldgräbe
Oct 21, 2019 · 3 min read

The last few months have been pretty busy for us as Berlin Blockchain Week (read everything regarding our presence, learnings, talks and the verify first ditcraft codeDAO meetup with Samsung NEXT @innogy and @gitcoin here) the Diffusion 2019 (read more here) have been two great venues to discuss with the blockchain community our progress and gather valuable feedback for the next development cycle.

New Release of ditExplorer v0.2

  • We have added a list of all initialized repositories and created a profile for each of them. You now find your own repositories in your profile in the new tab view.
  • We implemented a notification feature. You may now subscribe to changes and get informed about new proposals in a specific repository? Just click the bell on the top right and ditCraft will notify you via Twitter!
  • We also added more information about proposals. Click here to check one out.
  • Since the ditCLI supports a demo- as well as a live-mode, we have added a toggle to switch between the two datasets.
  • We implemented support for GitHub, GitLab and Atlassian Bitbucket. You may now easily create a repo via the ditExplorer. We plan to add more repository providers in near future.
  • Based on community requests we added a GitHub login allowing to associate an ETH address with your GitHub account.
  • A lot of fixes, stability and performance issues have been solved. A major one including the introduction of the ditIndexer. Since the blockchain data generated by the ditCLI in combination with the ditProtocol often needed a lot of stacked Web3 calls to gather all required information, we decided to cache all data in a MongoDB. The ditIndexer listens on all of the transactions and events regarding our smartcontracts and updates the database. We are proud to say that this feature release led to a 10x performance improvement, a necessary step to handle a large number of users at the same time!! Checkout the ditIndexer on GitHub.

New Release of ditCLI v0.3

First up we have added support for all of the most popular git commands, including add, bisect, branch, checkout, commit, diff, fetch, grep, log, merge, pull, push, rebase, reset, rm, show, stash, status and tag — allowing developers to continue with their normal development flow while still being able to use all of our blockchain mechanism. To improve the speed of the ditCLI we integrated support for the new MongoDB database (see above). Our installation scripts and help notices have also been refined together with some crushing bug fixes, making the ditCLI even smoother! A full changelog for ditCLI v0.3 can be found here.

What’s cooking?

Beside some architecture changes regarding wallets and the onboarding flow of new users from the ditCLI, we feel like our platform already holds most of the minimal features to fill out our mvp. Therefore we are currently planning our first campaigns and will soon ramp up with some Gitcoin bounties for qualitative testing of our platform.

ditCraft is about community! ditCraft is about you!

If you like the idea of decentralized, incentivized and democratic coding, we highly encourage you to

  • try out the ditCLI and ditExplorer,
  • watch some youtube tutorials and conference talks (for a low-cost intro),
  • read the ditProtocol whitepaper (for a deep dive),
  • join the product discussion and request new features on discord (for telling us what we need to do better),
  • follow us on Twitter to get updates. (We only communicate news/updates via Twitter.)
  • leave some claps. (Applause is the spur of noble minds)
  • are humbled if you spread the word to the open source community (ditCraft is from the community for the community)



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