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Elle and Lauren
  • They employed denial, sometimes for years: “Oh {deadname}, he’s a woman now”.
  • They bargained about my body: “Oh but you won’t have that surgery will you?”. Nobody with lived experience of misogyny is unacquainted with this particular softening of the patriarchal brain.
  • It’s no longer chic to bash and incarcerate us trannies, so their anger and legislative violence comes out sideways; “For the children’s sake can’t we keep trans identities away from schools?” or, as a friend assayed early in my transition, “we have to retain assignments at birth on changed birth certificates for the sake of the sociologists — their research would be hampered without that information.” (…on a birth certificate!?) Nope. I’m not kidding.
  • Eventually glitchers who were close to us before transition achieve depression, wherein they mourn our prison — our former identity — right at us. They expect us to mop their tears while they perform lyrical nostalgia about our most miserable years. (That’s hard for us trannies because we’re so self-centered)
  • I’m yet to find out how they behave when they reach acceptance. I yeeted all those who did this stuff at me, so I may never know.
Really tho
Interrogating the impulse to blame divergent people for our cultural demons is not just for personal growth. Resisting the practice costs divergent people their lives every day.
Trans people violate moral norms. Namely, the immutability of gender, it’s presentation, and the binaries of both gender and sexuality. Watch people glitch as these violations stumble into their reluctant consciousness.



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Emma Barnes

Emma Barnes


Autistic, trans, survivor, abolitionist @friedkrill on Twitstagram