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Neuroqueer liberation will save us all

What do TikTok, pathology, colonialism and capitalism have to do with each other?

The pathology paradigm

There’s something awry with psychology and it’s not a recent invention. It’s called the pathology paradigm and it’s the esteemed medical pulpit from which doctors and psychologists problematised homosexuality, left-handedness and even a desire for liberation from slavery. It is, in a word, messed up.

Lived experience shared and believed, not pathology handed down, liberates us all — link for subtitled version



We are a part of nature, not apart from it. Here, together, we imagine that. Sometimes that’s critique. Sometimes we grieve. Sometimes we write our fantasies to make them come true.

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Emma Barnes

Autistic, trans, survivor, abolitionist @friedkrill on Twitstagram