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From Complimenting Each Other’s (Similar) Glasses to Complaining About Love Interests

How DiversaTech Brought Two Lost Girls Together

By Fionce Siow and Michelle Zhang

Michelle Zhang: Honestly, my first memory of Fionce is sitting down next to her at the very first meeting and thinking that her name was a mixture of “fiance” and “Beyonce,” which confused me even more how to pronounce her name (it’s actually pronounced “fee-awnce”).

Fionce Siow: Meeting Michelle on Welcome Night was… an experience. It was my first taste of DiversaTech, and the next thing I knew I was getting roasted by a freshman I barely knew. Surprisingly, I didn’t really see Michelle until we became chums for the semester.

MZ: Yeah, so basically DiversaTech assigned us mandatory friends from different teams to hang out with and I was so disappointed it was Fionce…

FS: Hey, I wasn’t exactly excited to spend time with a girl who seemed like she hated me. Still: Michelle had one good point — she was a freshman with meal points.

MZ: As you can tell, Fionce is the rude one in our relationship… Basically we were also assigned bigs which served as our mentors and helped make us feel closer in DiversaTech and our bigs were best friends with each other so basically we became best friends too! I remember when Fionce exploited my meal points as a freshman and made me pay for her at Crossroads and that’s when I knew… we would be friends for a while.

FS: Shoutout to Sean and Cynthia (may they rest in post-grad peace)! From there, we constantly messaged each other on the latest DT gossip, complained about our love lives or talked about our futures.

MZ: Anyways, so with Sean and Cynthia and our integrated big-little/chum family, Fionce and I have only gotten closer — even now we still message the infamous “BBQ buds” Facebook chat (from the one time our family hung and sat in Sean’s Hyundai-turned-fake-Maserati car to go to Korean BBQ) with the latest DiversaTech gossip.

FS: Michelle basically defined my first semester at DiversaTech. I know I would have felt so alone without her by my side. Even though we were in different teams, I felt like I could always rely on her when I was feeling lost or confused.

MZ: That was probably the nicest thing Fionce has ever said to me ever so thank you DiversaTech for bringing us together and making us write this article! But honestly, without DiversaTech assigning Fionce to me as a chum and without DiversaTech providing me (and us!) the opportunity to gym together, study together, or even talk about case competitions together, we wouldn’t be the roastable, laughable, yet oh-so-close chums we are today.




DiversaTech is the leading student-run technology consulting organization at UC Berkeley. We combine engineering, design, and business principles to create dynamic recommendations and strategies.

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The leading student technology consulting organization at UC Berkeley. We combine engineering, design and business principles to create dynamic recommendations.

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