IMG Leadership Series with Marissa Ellis

I joined IMG, virtually to share my story and talk about leadership, change and inclusion. It was a great honour to be the crescendo of their leadership series.

I planted some seeds that will change the way people think, forever. If you are reading this, I hope you too will find some inspiration in my story and the insights I shared. Enjoy.

Be inspired to take positive action

Here is some of the feedback I received…

“You will have opened eyes and blown minds here, without question. This has been amazing” Matthew Primack, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Licensing, IMG

“I really enjoyed this morning’s call, I thought Marissa was a really great inspirational speaker as well as championing for something which I am personally very passionate about.” Anna Ghature, Legal Counsel Coordinator, IMG

“I found what you had to say fascinating and I could relate to a lot of your experiences when working with different clients.” John McMillan, Senior Retail Director, IMG

“I found the information both interesting and thought provoking. I believe as businesses come through the other side of the current situation, change, flexibility and finding ways to have a greater impact will become ever more important, to gain and keep competitive advantage. I think we are all guilty of getting wrapped up in a long to do list and I really like the simple but effective sections of the Change Canvas to help us to stop, reflect and ask ourselves a few key questions every once in a while. Definitely a great habit to get into.” Tony Attwood, Licensing Director, IMG




Impact driven organisation supporting people to drive positive change

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Shifting mindsets to embed diversity and inclusion into everyday thinking

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