Innovators under 35

AUBG Business club collaborated with the Youth Council of the USA Embassy in Sofia to invite young entrepreneurs under 35 to give a series of lectures on different topics connected to innovation.

The event called Innovators under 35 consisted of three consecutive lectures and a special screening of “Wall Street” from 1987 by Oliver Stone. It took place in the Aspire room in ABF building from March 25 to March 28.

Mustafa Ramadan

The President of Business Club Mustafa Ramadan said that at the beginning of each year, Business club gathers to discuss the future events for the whole year. “The team was very open to the idea to bring some experienced people, who will talk on very specific and interesting topics for business students”, Ramadan said.

The series of lectures started with a co-founder of “Quick. Anabolic. Tasty” Metodi Kanazirski, who shared his startup experience, which is connected to nutrition and creating the product. Another lecturer was Dimitar Tsvetkov, who is a business consultant and sales professional. Tsvetkov talked about how the startup in Israel works and noted that Israel is actually the second country where most startups are. The last speaker Todor Gigilev talked about the importance and value of business networking.

Todor Gigilev

“If you do not run the clubs and participate in organizing any event, you are missing and wasting your time. You need to build this skill through social interaction. Making real-world projects, going and convincing people that your ideas are very good”, Gigilev said.

The purpose of the event was to help students to make connections with skilled and influential business people. At the end of each presentation, students could get their contacts and ask for advice. “I realized that people who are actually in the field for longer are very willing to help and pass the experience they had”, Ramadan said.

Inkar Tileubayeva is a second-year JMC student, who likes Asian cinematography