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Don’t Fall for the Promotion “Shell game”

Part 9, A Team is More than Skin Deep

When I say management must feel you are on the same “team” as them, I’m focused on the word “feel” and not “team.” Imagine I move to your town and join your baseball team. I’m literally on the same roster and have the same gear and jersey as you.

However, if I’m not taking the training and competitions seriously, you will not “feel” we are on the same team. You will not go out of your way on my behalf, because being on the same roster is only a superficial bond.

So being on the same team or in the same company doesn’t automatically grant me your full support. That’s just silly. What’s not silly is if everyone in upper management is cut from a certain type of cloth and I resemble that cloth more than you, it’s a lot easier for me (and harder for you) to be seen as part of the team.

Tune in tomorrow for the next installment…




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Joe Kwon

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