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Don’t Fall for the Promotion “Shell game”

Part 4, The Invisible Game

You may be familiar with the “Shell game scam,” but for those of you who aren’t, it was never a fair game. The game was rigged in two very important ways.

First, the ball was never under any shell. The operator would deftly hide the ball in his palm and it only seemed like he was placing it under a shell.

Second, the operator was not working alone. The “player” Wade was helping was actually a confederate. The only people who would win that day (or on any other day) would be the operator and his confederate as they split the spoils.

The invisible game, the one we had no idea was going on, was the game to separate tourists from their money. Looking back we seem like two naive country mice, swindled by more sophisticated city mice. We never had a chance.

But what if, and I mean this in the least accusatory way possible, you are falling prey to a similar mistake in your career?

Tune in tomorrow for the next installment…




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