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“Make it so.”

Need a Diversity program that gets results? This framework has you covered.

Ever get frustrated with piecemeal attempts at diversity? These are often helmed by well-meaning individuals who don’t yet understand what works and what doesn’t. Telling people to change or even attempting to implement change is no guarantee of success.

This is not a matter of intelligence or passion necessarily. Any change to a system, meaning overcoming the default way things have always been done, is already complicated and difficult. And changing the system to get the specific results you want — that is a 10.0-level of difficulty.

I just came across a helpful interview by Bonnie Marcus where she interviews the authors of the book, Indivisible: Radically Rethinking Inclusion For Sustainable Business Results [Paid link]. In the book, authors Alison Maitland and Rebekah Steele provide a comprehensive plan for companies to reassess their diversity goals and best practices for improved results.

Check out the interview on Forbes here. I hope there are some insights in there that will inform, illuminate, and help you and your organization to not just try, but to succeed and “Make it so.”




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