Aries New Moon 2022: A Raging Inferno of Radical Self-Acceptance

Aries New Moon 2022: April 1, 2022 2:24 AM EDT

The New Moon in Aries is an incredibly powerful yearly rebirth and renewal. We stand poised at the beginning of a brand new Lunar cycle in the first sign of the Zodiac, ready to get moving and burst forth! New Moons are, by definition, a conjunction between the two luminaries that light our path. Sun is the core of being, and Moon is the emotional ebb and flow that surrounds us. Under a New Moon, these two luminaries align together in the sky, priming our instinct for change and new beginnings. Aries is the Cardinal modality of the element of Fire, an initiatory and transformative force. We get this Aries New Moon fresh start opportunity only once per year, as Sun charges through Aries, impulsive, impetuous, and individualist to the core. It’s time to take our power back, and take initiative! It’s time to acknowledge and honor the true needs of SELF.

Thanks to the aspects involved this year, we have the unique ability under this New Moon to completely reinvent ourselves. We can begin to redefine then manifest what it is that we truly desire. This is raw Aries emotional power, the beginning of a bold new direction where we may leap without looking, to follow impulse toward an immediate sense of satisfaction. It is now time to decide what best serves SELF, to ascertain our true needs, and to allow that which no longer serves us to fade away. Old flames of focus settle now to a dull flicker, and then are appropriately extinguished as we seek ever greater heights. This Aries New Moon has us absolutely on FIRE with what it is that we truly want to pursue, an inferno that cannot be quenched. Sun, our purpose, and Moon, our emotions, are precisely aligned in the sign of the Ram, stubborn and headstrong at the beginning of a brand new journey, and no one is going to be able to restrain us now. Aries Sun is always a time of sowing seeds. Some seeds may take hold and develop strong roots…and some may fall barren and be later forgotten, and that’s perfectly fine. This time is focused upon taking action, and making a discernible effort toward change.

The chart for this Aries New Moon is a powerful potion of passion, with the New Moon falling at precisely 11 degrees Aries. This comes with a fairly tight conjunction to both Mercury, planet of thought and communication at 9 degrees, and Chiron, the asteroid known as the Wounded Healer, at 12 degrees Aries. Moon will be conjunct Mercury at 10:35 PM EDT on Thursday, March 31, and will be exactly conjunct Chiron at 3:52 AM EDT on Friday, April 1. Sun makes its conjunction to Chiron at 10:56 PM EDT on Friday, April 1, and then will be conjunct Mercury at 7:11 PM EDT on Saturday, April 2. Mercury and Chiron will align in their conjunction at 9:42 AM EDT on Saturday, April 2. This bridge of conjunctions occurs quite close together, and this has a powerful impact upon this bold and impetuous Aries New Moon. Let’s take a look at the influence of Mercury as well as of Chiron, and how these things play out together.

Mercury in Aries makes communication bold and unhesitant, blunt self-expression that has no time nor patience for tact. We get straight to the point with this Mercury, and sensitive people tend to find this abrupt and passionate approach to be unnecessarily aggressive. People are highly inclined to argue with one another under this energy, so if you decide to engage in that regard, don’t bite off more than you can chew. We can certainly anticipate a highly reactive response to any provocative behavior. People also have fun with provocation under Aries Moon, so situations will be easily and some even intentionally triggered. Frustrations may manifest in headaches, and if anxiety peaks, physical outlets may help dramatically. If anxiety or tension arises, exercise is the best method to alleviate it, so seek to satisfy the Aries need for perpetual physical action and motion. I would caution during this time that if you must deal with people who are known to have a temper that you step lightly, unless you want to see an explosion during this New Moon. Frustration tolerance is rather low with Mercury in Aries, and impulsivity may get the better of us. Mercury in Aries can also inspire a relentless need for self-expression, and as we reinvent ourselves according to a new and different approach with the New Moon influence, the changes that we assert may be perceived as obnoxious if we aren’t careful, and people will, in turn, be highly assertive in response. Trying to be sensitive to the feelings of others can help to mitigate interpersonal conflict during this time, as this Mercury involvement with the New Moon may make some people quite anxious. There may be a sense of pressure building, given the Aries need for motion and decisive action. This Mercury gets what it wants, and doesn’t take kindly to hints. As Mercury approaches its Cazimi aspect (Solar conjunction), the demand for clarity grows strong and we all will seek to take charge of our own destiny.

Chiron is a slow moving asteroid, and will be traversing the sign of Aries until 2027. This New Moon is an important check-point in the transit, and an opportunity to incorporate the healing lessons we’ve endured thus far. Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer, and when this asteroid comes into play, we are required to revisit old wounds that may have caused deep scars. Asteroids do not have the same direct powerful cosmic influence that planets exert, but when they are directly involved in transit aspects, they can hit fast and hard. Chiron lessons are always a painful process, but we must experience them in order to grow through healing. Chiron in Aries, the sign of SELF, may bring up old feelings and situations that entail things that have adversely impacted our self-esteem. It is important to remember that Aries is the sign of the warrior, and any sparks of competitive edge can be fanned quickly into flames with Chiron here, the best defense is a strong offense in this dynamic…but that doesn’t exactly initiate healing. Overt aggression is counterproductive to healing, and Chiron reminds us here that we must assert our needs in a way that ensures that they will be MET, and in a way that does not do damage to others in turn. Our self-expression may also feel challenged thanks to the influence of Chiron, and we may feel unable to truly be ourselves, or we may feel unaccepted for who we actually ARE. The expectations of others weigh heavily upon self-concept under this Chiron transit. It’s time to shake them off, and embrace the power of reclamation. The key to Chiron healing is always acceptance, and in Aries, that means cultivating self-esteem without the expectations and perceptions of others. Accept who you are at your core, wherever you are on your journey, in the present. It means a truly radical form of self-acceptance, born of unapologetic self-expression and acknowledging the pain of the past as an impetus toward an active growth process. It means reaffirming unconditional positive self-regard. To heal these deep wounds that may be provoked with Chiron conjunct the New Moon in Aries requires, above all, ACTION.

Under the immense pressure of these aspects, it’s important to remember that we don’t have to commit solely to any one path right now, and we don’t have to have everything figured out immediately. Mercury in this series of conjunctions may, indeed, have thoughts spinning and we may see multiple possibilities! The most important thing is that we do SOMETHING real, and take the initiative toward change…even if we begin with baby steps. Aries initiative can be bold, but it does not have to be if you aren’t comfortable with change. This Aries New Moon is bursting forth with potential, with the possibility of propulsion, but it requires us to get up and get started, and we have to take accountability to begin. Impulsive decisions are likely during this lunation, so we can try to plan all we want, but that may not be the method that sticks the landing, and it’s important to stay open to possibilities.

This Aries New Moon has a profound need for new experiences and brand new directions, and anything that we can do to support this type of change is a positive step toward reinventing ourselves. When it comes to taking action and harnessing the initiative of this New Moon, we are lucky to have a significant window of time to work with. The magic begins when Mercury makes its conjunction to Chiron on Thursday night, and does not end until Sun and Chiron complete their conjunction on Saturday night. So, we see that Mercury and Chiron may first bring deep realizations about how we became what we have been, then the Aries New Moon at 11 degrees highlights the path toward acknowledging the reality of Self, and we finish with Sun conjunct Chiron showing us the path toward healing old wounds through acknowledgement and radical self-acceptance. This is NOT a passive New Moon that brings the blessings of its own accord upon a silver platter…it’s an absolutely active process, during which we must engage completely in order to take charge and manifest the changes that we seek. We must remember that Aries Fire, while it may be an easily raging inferno in the present, must be tended and fed in order to keep burning brightly and growing. An untended Aries Fire cools quickly to forlorn and faded embers.

Bridge of Conjunctions:

Moon conjunct Mercury 3.31.2022 10:35 PM EDT

New Moon in Aries 4.1.2022 2:24 AM EDT

Moon conjunct Chiron 4.1.2022 3:52 AM EDT

Sun conjunct Chiron 4.1.2022 10:56 PM EDT

Sun conjunct Mercury 4.2.2022 7:11 PM EDT



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