Daily Astrology 2.21.2002: Mercury Conjunct Juno Comes Together in Aquarius

Monday, February 21, 2022

Moon enters Scorpio 4:19 AM EST

We are under heavy Water today with Moon in deep, dark Scorpio delving into the subconscious and emphasizing the things that transform us. Issues surrounding death, intimacy, and obsession are likely to be areas of focus, and Scorpio Moon makes us want to withdraw when confronted with the uncomfortable and the taboo. Moon will trine Pisces Sun at 9:28 AM EST, plunging us to the depths of subconscious as Pisces Sun is the place where the subconscious is closest to the surface, and Scorpio Moon is ready to dive. This is a powerful intuitive journey, pay attention to anything that makes you feel “off” this morning, it may be highly significant. This is an excellent time to ascertain the motivations of others with intuition and observation. We may hit obstacles as Moon squares Mercury in Aquarius at 5:28 PM, pay attention to the subtext under this square. Mercury in Aquarius is highly compartmentalized and it’s intense cerebral focus can be disrupted by Scorpio Moon’s demand to confront the things we would rather not confront. Moon will then make an opposition to Uranus in Taurus overnight, which can trigger insecurity on multiple fronts. The Scorpio/Taurus axis is all about collective vs personal value and values. We have Moon on the Scorpio end highlighting that which we share with others (intimacy) and Uranus, planet of unpredictability and sudden awakening, in Taurus, where we have a deep need to care for Self. This opposition can be quite frustrating as we realize where our personal needs may not be cared for as we connect with others. This is an opposition that can trigger mood swings, so sleep may be disrupted, and dreams may be disturbing and dark.

Mercury in Aquarius is moving into a conjunction with Juno, asteroid that influences partnership, tomorrow morning. Juno deals with what type of partner we seek when it’s considered in a natal chart, but in transit, it shows us how to fine tune relationships and how to relate better. Relationships are highlighted today as these two come closer together, with balanced communication and assertion being the ultimate goal. Mercury influences our thoughts and communication, and in Aquarius can be detached and come across as uncaring or unfeeling, so it’s important to remember that this cerebral superpower influence can help us to sort out otherwise overwhelming emotion. There is a strong tendency to stand for principles under Aquarian influence, and when we have the asteroid of partnership in the sign of rebellious independence, there may be challenges in situations where partner ideals do not resonate with one another. This conjunction can go one of two ways: Partnerships that are aligned with a similar core value system and intent can flourish with new and fresh ideas, taking current plans to new heights with innovative energy that arises through communication. Partnerships that are not actually aligned with a similar basis from which to connect may struggle today with partners rebelling if they feel caged or suppressed, and issues may arise concerning independence, codependence or interdependence. We need freedom today within relationships, particularly freedom of expression and not getting it may lead to blow ups. We can use Juno in Aquarius to consider relationships in an intellectual context in order to solve emotional issues, and we have this asteroid here through mid-April.




My approach to astrology is modern, heavily drawing from psychological and evolutionary influences. As a Moon ruled Cancer Ascendant, I focus heavily upon lunations and lunar aspects to help navigate our collective emotional journey with understanding and intuitive guidance.

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