Mercury at 29 Aquarius: a Cerebral Culmination 3.8.2022

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Moon enters Gemini 1:40 PM EST

Moon is still in Taurus through the morning hours, where it made a conjunction to the North Node at 3:20 AM EST, provoking a sense of fate and destiny. Each month when the Moon hits the point of orbit that aligns with it’s North Node, we have an opportunity to take a hard look at our path, and make decisions. The North Node currently lies at 24 degrees Taurus, so if you have planets around this degree of any of the Fixed signs, this morning may present opportunities that you can consider. Moon will square Mercury in Aquarius at 9:04 AM EST, which can trigger tension between changing our ideas and staying stuck in a rut. What is comfortable according to Taurus Moon may not be the best strategy according to Mercury in these final degrees of Aquarius, where we need to be innovative and embrace a fresh approach. Moon will then trine Pluto in Capricorn at 9:35 AM EST, adding stability where we may be feeling insecure, and reminding us that staying the course is important. Moon will then step lightly and lively into Gemini at 1:40 PM EST, taking us on a much different emotional journey. Things will speed up, expectations will become less important, and distraction may be delicious rather than stressful. Gemini Moon will trine Venus and Mars in Aquarius, which are, for all intents and purposes, still conjunct, at 5:40 PM EST and 6:27 PM EST respectively. Gemini Moon is ready to jump on any new and exciting ideas that Venus and Mars in Aquarius may offer! This evening may be erratic and intellectually inspiring, just remember that feelings run deep and may be easily hurt with Sun still in sensitive Pisces.

Mercury is finishing up it’s transit of Aquarius today and will ingress to Pisces tomorrow, which is a pretty big culmination considering that Mercury went Retrograde here back in January, so we have had the planet of thought and communication in this Fixed Air sign for most of two months (aside from where it dipped back into Capricorn for a bit). Any time we have a planet at this critical 29th degree of a sign, it’s time to contemplate the lessons it presented. Mercury in Aquarius was all about strategy and thought, and the Retrograde entailed issues with technology and group dynamics, two Aquarian concepts. Today, take a few moments to think back about communication patterns over January and February, and perhaps address any issues that still remain, and tie up any loose ends in regard to paperwork that may still be outstanding. Aquarius is future oriented and forward thinking, and the dynamic that we are under will shift quite noticeably tomorrow when we move from this intellectually oriented, community focused Mercury into Pisces, a sign that takes us to deep spiritual realms and touches our intuition. Mercury in Aquarius has been loud and pleasantly rebellious. Tomorrow, we move into a space where solitude and reflection become important, and we move from focusing upon strategy and cerebral connection to contemplating creativity and spiritual or intuitive connection. We may feel anticipatory today with Mercury here at this 29th degree, a push to resolve unfinished business and prepare for tomorrow’s ingress.



My approach to astrology is modern, heavily drawing from psychological and evolutionary influences. As a Moon ruled Cancer Ascendant, I focus heavily upon lunations and lunar aspects to help navigate our collective emotional journey with understanding and intuitive guidance.

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