Mercury in Pisces 2022: Feeling Our Way Through the Innerscape

Mercury, planet of thought and communication, will wade into the deep and mysterious waters of Pisces on Wednesday, March 9, 2022 at 8:32 PM. Mercury typically spends about 3 weeks in each sign, but this transition from Aquarius into Pisces will feel particularly poignant, as we have been under Mercury in Aquarius since early January. Mercury traversed a third of Aquarius before it Stationed Retrograde, which gave us almost 2 months of Mercury moving back and forth through a powerfully intellectual sign that can feel high pressure and mentally hyperstimulated. Mercury’s ingress to soft and flowing Pisces will feel like a deep plunge into dark and mysterious territory, and it may take a few days to adjust to the changes in store for us. When Mercury changes signs, we experience a shift in the way that we think and in how we perceive the world around us; sometimes that change can be quite dramatic. Our thinking changes along with the way that we communicate, which in turn influences the way that we relate to others. As we take this dive into Mercury in Pisces, we will be immersed in the world of dreams and intuition from March 9 through March 27.

Mercury in Pisces is a dream-like innerscape that inspires spiritual growth; we must now FEEL our way through the dense yet pleasant fog around us. Feeling becomes everything, intuition is heightened, and our experience becomes powerfully internalized. Daydreams may spiral charmingly out of control, distraction and escapism abound. This influence may lead to procrastination, so be careful to balance time for work and for rest. We may feel easily overwrought and mentally tired with Mercury here in the final sign of the Zodiac, where the world of sleep and dreams is always calling to us. This is an excellent time to delve into studying dream symbolism, or to begin practicing more intense forms of dreamwork. Starting a dream journal now can lead to powerful revelations and epiphanies as this transit progresses. The subconscious is closer to the touch than we typically experience during this time; Mercury allows us to immerse ourselves in an inner-world of Piscean hope and fantasy. Be careful to take the time to discern between what is necessary in the “real” world, and what is created in your head. The bridge between fantasy and reality is shrouded in a peaceful, pretty haze under Mercury in Pisces, under which we may more easily bring our dreams into reality, but by which we may also find ourselves stumbling over the edge if we aren’t careful. Thoughts will not be linear during this time…Pisces leads us to deep and abiding belief through personal contemplation, and to redemption through sacrifice. The healing work that we do during this time may not be readily apparent on the surface, and patience is important. Exploring intuitive gifts can be quite empowering during this transit, and it’s a fantastic time for all forms of divination and for meditation techniques. We can touch the ether quite easily during this time, just remember to practice grounding and shielding techniques in order to stay balanced and to protect yourself from outside influences. We are all sensitive to things right now, and those who are typically spiritually aware will be overwhelmingly sensitive.

Emotional intensity will be profound during this transit, and it’s important to remember that Pisces energy is highly REACTIVE as opposed to an active force. Pisces ebbs and flows in response to the currents by which it is influenced…this is Mutable Water. Ripples in our consciousness may crescendo to tsunamis of feeling rather unexpectedly, and it is this underlying propensity that empowers Mercury in Pisces with an incredible sense of creative expression. We can harness this superpower to express how we feel in healthy and productive ways. Poets, writers, artists, musicians…this is your time! It is a fantastic time to take up a new medium, or to clean old brushes and dust off the easel. If you’re already a creator expressing deeper meaning through art, perhaps try a different approach, and see where your intuition takes you now. Pisces is always and forever hopeful in chasing the muse, and during this time, she’s so exhilarating and close to the touch…if you allow yourself to be still and listen to her call. When feelings become powerful, the reflective and internalized experience of Pisces Mercury can be released through creative expression, and in so doing, we create art…art is one of the most powerful forces by which we can not only change our own experience, but also change how we are understood by others.

The emotional intensity of this transit peaks from March 19 through March 25 as Mercury makes conjunctions to both Jupiter, which magnifies whatever it touches, and Neptune here in it’s home sign It is especially important during this time to make sure that those who struggle with addiction have their support system firmly in place, and that we remember to check in on them and offer support. Addiction can be triggered by Pisces transits and is one of the manifestations of this sign’s powerful need for escaping reality. When reality is painful, self-medication with substances can be dangerous…particularly considering that Jupiter and Neptune are close to conjunct at this time, the risk runs quite high right now. These two will be exactly conjunct in early April, and it’s important to watch these Pisces transits closely as that time approaches. Overall, with Jupiter and Neptune so close to one another, spiritual awareness is running rampant, and that can be enhanced by working with these powerful energies for spiritual growth. On the other hand, however, some people may prefer to dull down and diminish this sometimes overwhelming dream-like influence, to turn the floodgates of awareness off instead.

Communication under Mercury in Pisces becomes a languid dance, a soft and gentle dynamic that calls for expertly reading the room before we approach. Feelings may be more easily hurt, as Pisces is a sensitive sign, so it’s time to watch our words carefully, lest we unintentionally do damage. There may be a hesitance in communication during this time, we aren’t direct nor forward, we seek the subtlety in the subtext, we feel what lies in the negative space and that can lead to miscommunication and misinterpretation of feeling. Everyone’s intuition is a powerful force right now, and not everyone is used to operating this way…interpretation of what we feel is the key here. We are all interpreting communication, both surface and subtle, through our own hazy, Piscean lens. When intensity arises, be certain to seek clarity and ask the other party involved about their intent before making assumptions about the meaning of their words. That one move can save deeply hurt feelings during Pisces Season as a general rule. Pisces embodies a deep and abiding sense of compassion, so this is an excellent time to seek to work through relational problems in the context of seeking to understand others, using the intuitive grace we will experience during this transit. As long as compassion is a focal point, relationship work can be highly successful right now. If the sense of self can temporarily be put aside in Piscean sacrifice to see below the surface of the other person, healing may begin, but there must be balance in this dynamic that offers this space for both…Pisces is symbolized by not just one fish, but two. This is, however, also a time of closure and endings, so part of that process may also entail letting go, whether of people, or the past, or of expectations. Mercury in Pisces often leads us to believe the best about others, and sometimes this can lead to being taken advantage of. We are spiritually inclined during this transit, and it is important that we do not make ourselves martyrs as we seek a higher good.

Key Aspects for Mercury in Pisces

Mercury sextile Uranus in Taurus 3.17.2022 8:13 AM EDT

Sudden revelations, shocking epiphanies

Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Pisces 3.21.2022 2:06 AM EDT

Spiritual growth, hopes and dreams are magnified, relentless positivity

Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces 3.23.2022 1:44 PM EDT

Hypersensitive intuition, confusing interpretation, escapist tendencies

Mercury sextile Pluto in Capricorn 3.26.2022 6:35 AM EDT

Letting go of control, deep truth in emotion



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