Moon in Taurus Nurtures an Awakening: Daily Astrology 4.3.2022

Image Credit: Benjamin Carruth for Divine Fire Astrology

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Taurus Moon, 1st quarter

Moon remains in grounded Earth sign Taurus today, and the only aspect we are under directly is a conjunction to Uranus at 13 degrees at 1:47 PM EDT. Uranus is the planet that brings the unexpected and can inspire awakenings, and shakes us up out of routine. Taurus likes routine, so Uranus is uncomfortable in this sign. This conjunction can bring emotional ups and downs, and a need for freedom from restriction. Taurus Moon will have us craving comfort and stability for the rest of today, before it gets hit tomorrow with squares to the planets we currently have in Aquarius. Take extra time to rest if you can today, and don’t be afraid to indulge the senses. Self-care is paramount under Taurus Moon, but not everyone has that luxury. If you do, be grateful and seek to nurture others as well.

Mars and Saturn will be conjunct tomorrow night in Aquarius, and we feel the intensity of this powerful conjunction building throughout today. This is an excellent time to pursue forward-thinking and future oriented plans, with Mars momentum and Saturn dedication, in spite of any perceived setbacks. This is a big reality-check conjunction, thanks to Saturn stepping in with ideas that require structure to be brought to Mars’ boundless initiative. This sign is intellectually driven, and we seek outcomes that benefit a greater good for all involved. Aquarius is the sign of ingenuity and radical rebellion, and anything that is a departure from the norm can lead to powerful results under this conjunction. This is not a rapid manifestation aspect, so do not expect to see immediate results. Saturn can be quite restrictive even in this rebellious sign, and demands accountability. Persistence is the key to success here, and Fixed sign Aquarius offers plenty of focus to persevere. This is the right time to restructure, and also to focus upon group dynamics and social connections as a resource as Aquarius rules these things. We may feel a need to restructure the tribe surrounding us during this time, we will gravitate toward people with shared ideals and common principles. Be open to new connections, and willing to revise your perception of old ones. New projects begun or current projects restructured now will benefit from Aquarian vision not just thinking outside of the box, but from questioning the very existence of the box with which to begin. This conjunction will take place tomorrow, Monday, April 4 at 9:51 PM EDT and we will feel it building to a slow and discerning culmination, grounding the future into realistic potentials.



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