Pisces Dark Moon: Daily Astrology 3.30.2022

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Pisces Dark Moon

Venus square Nodal Axis 3:36 AM EDT

Pisces Dark Moon is a time of emotional dredging, we plunge to depths of subconscious feeling as we seek the comfort and spiritual transformation that only closure can bring. This is the most profound Dark Moon period of the year, as we are now under Aries Sun, the first sign of the Zodiac, and we shall begin a new lunar cycle with tomorrow night’s Aries New Moon. Dark Moon is a time of quiet reflection, where we contemplate endings and work with a sense of finality, and here we have Dark Moon in the final sign of the Zodiac. Letting go of the past is inescapable, it’s time for cleansing and banishing, so that we may embrace the rebirth of Aries New Moon with the passion that new beginnings truly deserve. Moon will make a conjunction to Jupiter in Pisces at 1:24 PM EDT, dramatically heightening intuition and spiritual awareness. Jupiter is an amplifying energy, so emotions will feel quite powerful, and may be overwhelming. Creative outlets are the perfect release for all of this emotional intensity. Pisces Moon is a deep well of compassion, and we are inclined to be more benevolent and forgiving…just make sure that boundaries remain, as lines can become blurred under this spiritual Piscean influence. Moon will make a conjunction to Neptune at 5:55 PM EDT, an idealistic influence that makes us more susceptible to illusion and empty promises, so be wary and heed your intuition. Spiritual lessons are at a point of release under this Pisces Dark Moon, and these two planets touching upon this need for closure add a depth that makes everything feel quite imperative. Tonight may be a struggle for those who suffer from addiction, so make sure that support systems are in place and check in on your friends and loved ones.

Venus in Aquarius squared the Taurus/Scorpio Nodal Axis early this morning, and we will be under this influence all day. This is a time of relationship and financial crossroads, under which we may be met with sudden endings or unanticipated opportunities. Decisions made now can have a far reaching impact, and will take a steady Taurus North Node approach that builds slowly over time, and requires steadfast dedication and sustained effort. Venus in Aquarius is encouraging us to take an intellectual rather than an emotional approach during this time, and make decisions with the head rather than the heart. This Nodal reality check comes after a particularly reconstructive Venus Retrograde in Capricorn at the beginning of this year, the need for structure amidst desperately crumbling facades has now been met, and Venus in Aquarius is looking toward the future. It’s time to recognize that values and principles we recently redefined are ready to be integrated to make those dreams a reality. Any challenges that arise under this Venus at the Bendings are there to encourage us toward the right path. Pay particular attention to any sudden impulses, or any thoughts that are uncharacteristic during this time, as they may be insight into new and better directions.



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