Pisces Sun Aspects the Nodes of Fate: Daily Astrology 3.14.2022

Monday, March 14, 2022

Leo Moon 2nd quarter

Sun in Pisces sextile North Node in Taurus and trine South Node in Scorpio 10:43 PM EST

We are under a lively and luxurious Leo Moon all day, so emotions are BIG and their expression is a necessity. Creativity runs strong, and we need an outlet that appreciates us today. Leo Moon roars and purrs and thrives on attention and affection. If we DON’T get the recognition that we desire, drama may ensue to ensure that we are heard. Moon will make an opposition to Venus in Aquarius at 6:00 AM EST, making morning a time of tension between head and heart, we rationalize relationships and may struggle with detachment. Behavior may be particularly attention seeking during morning hours if we aren’t getting what we need from relationships. Moon will trine Chiron in Aries at 1:31 PM EST, fueling creative expression as a means of working through trauma, and we will be feeling feisty and highly competitive. This is a fantastic time for writing and performing, coming straight from the heart. Moon will square Uranus in Taurus at 3:02 PM EST, and any potential drama reaches it’s height during this time, erratic behavior is a potential, and emotional stability may feel challenging as Uranus can come with a shock and awe as we navigate the unexpected during this square. The electricity of Uranus here is likely to provoke quite a roar.

Sun in Pisces will aspect the Lunar Nodes today, in a sextile to the North Node in Taurus and a trine to the South Node in Scorpio, at 10:43 PM EST. The trine to the South Node opens our intuition, any feelings of Scorpio suspicion should be further explored. Remember that the South Node is a point of fate that, for the collective, represents what we’ve already mastered and the North Node is the point of fate that we are supposed to be actively harnessing and moving toward. Sun trine the South Node today encourages us toward healing in past issues where there may be skeletons in the closet, we can bring them into the light of consciousness and do better this time. Sun will sextile the North Node in Taurus, which is an opportunity aspect. Sextiles are like cracking a door open to see what’s inside, and they take a bit of work and effort to develop. This sextile has Pisces Sun guiding us toward spiritual awareness that can help us to work toward a stronger foundation of resources and adhere to our values in steady Taurus. This is an excellent aspect for mind/body work, as Pisces Sun opens higher consciousness and Taurus reminds us to nourish and honor the needs of the body. If you’ve been meaning to begin a different path of nutrition or exercise, this is an excellent time to begin. If you’ve been developing your intuition, this is also a powerful time to take your meditation or divination practice to the next level as Sun engages with the Nodes of Fate and Destiny at this angle of harmonious aspects that we can work with and proceed to build upon.



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