Sun Conjunct Neptune Burns Off the Haze: Daily Astrology 3.13.2022

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Moon enters Leo 2nd quarter 3:32 PM EST

Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces 7:43 AM EST

We begin the day with Moon finishing up an emotional dive through the final degrees of it’s home sign of Cancer, our need to feel at home is strong this morning, and all of our needs are magnified. This is time to nurture and be nurtured, but that may feel difficult thanks to an opposition between Moon and Pluto in Capricorn at 11:44 AM EST. Feelings will be intense under this opposition, and we may feel tension between work and home with Capricorn/Cancer being the driving force here…Capricorn demands material security and structure, while Cancer is more concerned with needs and emotional security, and balancing the two may be particularly difficult this morning into early afternoon. The dynamic will shift considerably when Moon prances into lively Leo at 3:32 PM EST, and emotion becomes less about feeling deeply and more about creative expression. Leo Moon has a need for play and a strong desire for recognition and affection. Leo Moon will get intense as the night passes, with oppositions to both Mars and Venus in Aquarius impending early tomorrow, we may end up processing this heart (Leo) vs head (Aquarius) energy in dreams.

Sun in sensitive Pisces has intuition running incredibly strong today in a conjunction with Neptune, modern ruler of Pisces, at 7:43 AM EST, an aspect that will be with us throughout the day. Sun conjunct Neptune can feel confusing, blurring lines and blending realities…this is the daytime luminary meeting in revelation with the planet of dreams and signs; we are closer to the subconscious today than we typically are, but it’s important to recognize that this does not come with immediate understanding. Sun burns off this haze with gentle light and heat. This is a language of symbols we must feel and discern, a hazy knowing and a confrontation with hidden demons below the deceptively placid surface. We may see hope and faith in abundance under this conjunction, but the caveat is that it may be overcompensation for other things we’ve repressed, as Pisces is the realm of that which is hidden and obscured. Distraction will be powerful; this isn’t the day to undertake projects where precision is a requirement, and it’s important to be gentle with expectations. Compassion will run incredibly deep under this conjunction, but we must be careful not to sacrifice too much for the sake of caring. Boundaries may feel blurry today, but they are needed under this uncertain and easily shifting energy. As I’ve said frequently as of late under all of this Piscean energy, dreamwork is powerful during this time, and we need to pay attention to messages we receive, particularly where closure is concerned. Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, and we have an opportunity this week and next to descend a long awaited curtain of finality.



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