Venus and Mars in Aquarius: Intellect to Connect, and Future Forward!

The planetary dynamic that we are under has shifted dramatically. As of Saturday, March 5 2022, we now have Venus, planet of love and money, and Mars, planet of action and instinctual drive, in Aquarius, the sign of the rebel, the free thinker, the future oriented savant. Intellectual curiosity is incredibly strong right now, and it’s time to allow our brains to lead the way and let our hearts catch up later. It may take a few days for us to adjust to this powerful change as these two entangled in an exact conjunction right after they moved into Aquarius, at the critical 0 degree, the very beginning of the sign. It will be much easier now to focus on the way forward rather than upon the doom and gloom of the crumbling structures of Capricorn, where Pluto is dominating the present, and has forced us to let go of whatever wasn’t working for us. New and different ideas are still creeping out from under the shadow of Pluto pervading us with doom and gloom. Now, we can harness the powerful intellect and Fixed determination of Aquarius energy as we start thinking about progress rather than the past, and about possibility rather than limitation. Stagnation has ended whether we chose it or were forced to reconcile that things must change. We also have Saturn still transiting Aquarius, which will test the reliability and stability of whatever Venus and Mars inspire us to do here. Venus will spend time in Aquarius until April 6, and Mars will be extrapolating ideas here until April 16, so we have plenty of time to enjoy the freedom and rebellion of Aquarius, where we must embrace our individualism in order to make the tribe and the world a better place to be. When it comes to Venus, it will be particularly important to have room for self-expression within relationships, and in regard to Mars, we may feel a need for sudden change of direction or to find a new take on old methods. These two will both square Uranus in Taurus, so we can expect things to be shaken up especially if we have old and unresolved issues surrounding relationship, financial, legal, or competition to handle, but then they will also both make conjunctions to Saturn to ground the new direction and help us to move forward with more solid ideas as we realign in the present. Right now, we still have all planets moving in Direct motion, and it will stay that way through the end of April. As we move now toward the Equinox, we have plenty of inspiration and motivation to work with, with Sun in Pisces intuitively guiding us with Mercury soon to join in Pisces on Wednesday, and Venus and Mars in Aquarius with a burst of passion and excitement.



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