Venus Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius: A Precise Tango toward the Future

Monday, March 28, 2022

Aquarius Moon 4th quarter

Venus conjunct Saturn 21 Aquarius 3:27 PM EDT

Moon in Aquarius illuminates Mars, Venus, and Saturn today as well as asteroid Juno in Aquarius today, an incredibly powerful intellectual influence upon relationships and commitments. Moon and Mars were conjunct overnight, and offer us a glimpse of patterns that we can build upon into the future. Mars is the planet of direct action in the present, and in forward thinking Aquarius, plans abound and we attack them with passion and unwavering dedication to principles. Moon will make its conjunction to Venus at 9:48 AM EDT, highlighting the cerebral side of emotional connection within relationships. Intellectual challenge isn’t a game here, but a necessity. This isn’t a feeling conjunction, but a deeply thinking one. It’s time to get rational about relationships, and use analytical insight to take a hard look at them. Moon will then make a conjunction to Saturn at 3:27 PM EDT, provoking us to analyze where we spend our time and focus, and asking us to examine where we can be more disciplined. Saturn has so much potential intended for us, but it’s up to us to strive for it, to take these lessons and do something about them, or face the consequences. Moon is waning down toward New in Aries on Thursday night/Friday morning

Venus, planet of love and money, will be conjunct taskmaster Saturn today at 3:27 PM EDT at 21 degrees Aquarius, the sign of rebellion and unconventional wisdom. It’s time for a new and different approach in both relationships and in regard to financial matters, and today is an excellent time to make headway in these endeavors. Asteroid Juno, which is an influence upon partnership, is also entangled here at this degree, strongly emphasizing relationship dynamics, adding a deep need to assert our intellectual independence and go our own way. Individual contribution needs to be recognized in order to preserve the balance of the whole, to maintain partnership. Imbalance and inequality will be deeply felt today, and may provoke underlying issues that entail power struggles or dynamics of control. Venus and Saturn are engaged in a cold tango here, a dance of intentional, mechanical precision that rises above feeling, a penultimate perfection of fluid unity. It’s passionate, and all cerebral. This is a time of reckoning, where reality must be faced. Saturn does not allow us to continue any lingering facade nor does it bend to frailty, it demands accountability for our actions. Venus is far from romantically idealistic in Aquarius; this Venus must pursue connections that embrace room for new ideas and dives headfirst into unfamiliar territory. Venus in Aquarius loves with the brain, and must feed it, and Saturn gives us the need to commit to future plans one way or the other. This make or break type of energy can either deepen our connections as we expand upon established patterns of comfort, or rock the boat enough to show us where things will begin to fall apart. This is a conjunction that tests commitments with limitations thanks to Saturn’s cold hand, that grasps as hard as necessary to say that it’s time to see how we fare when the journey becomes arduous. The mental super-powers of Aquarius in this trifecta call for future-oriented planning, but can provoke anxiety as we consider options and must make decisions. This is an incredibly powerful conjunction, and it’s influence will last into tomorrow and the following day. During this time, try something new, and be open to following a new approach. What used to work may be outdated, and it’s time to restructure and allow any changes to guide us toward a future that allows room for the growth that these Aquarius planets have us craving. Limitation is not a barrier, but an impetus toward undefined future potentials. This triple conjunction is here to help us define them on our own Aquarian terms, with a little help from Saturn’s discipline and direction.



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