Tarot for the Collective: Aries New Moon 2022


Deck: Dark Wood Tarot by Sasha Graham, art by Abigail Larson

We hearken unto the desires of Self under this Aries New Moon, and the appearance of this Justice card reminds us to balance the scales, an ever evolving process. Justice is associated with the sign of Libra in the Zodiac, which is at the opposing end of the Aries axis, and will be the sign of this month’s Full Moon. The Aries/Libra axis is all about the balance between ME and WE, between the needs of SELF and meeting the needs of others. Where is the fulcrum for you at this time? Balance is not necessarily found in the middle. It is possible to meet our own needs while also caring for others, but these dynamics are integral to one another. We cannot meet our own needs if we focus solely upon others, yet we cannot meet the needs of others if our own needs are forsaken. It’s imperative to create a balance. “Fair” is an elusive concept that is absolute subjectivity…and Justice demands that we be held accountable for our actions.

The Justice card in this particular deck feels quite bold and assertive, the sword is ready to fall, the scales are balanced, and the maidens are both blindfolded and bound. This tells us that we are not perceiving all sides here. Justice, as a concept, can be difficult to hold in our grasp, it’s elusive and influenced by variables far out of the reach of our control. It is not always an outcome which we would prefer…justice is objective, and requires emotional detachment. What we may feel is right and JUST can still be of detriment elsewhere, and sometimes that requires us to shift our perception to a more inclusive set of ideals, and to change our expectations. The blindfolds can be removed in order to pay attention to our surroundings. This is a card of intense deliberation and attempts to see all sides of issues, but it’s clear that we aren’t always afforded that luxury, sometimes the sword or the gavel drops without a sense of completion. Where might expectations be playing a role in dissatisfaction, and how can we seek to balance them?

Aries New Moon has us chomping at the bit for decisive action, but it’s a cautionary tale we hear in this card…impulsivity may be demanding that we move NOW, but it’s important to do so with the knowledge that whatever we put forth we shall later reap. Leaping without looking may garner powerful manifestation in furious Aries glory, but remember that eventually the piper must be paid when Taurus requires us to nurture that which we have begun. Thankfully, Mars and Saturn both sextile the Aries Moon from Aquarius today, and they are there to give us a healthy balance of rationality and future oriented commitment to going forth with an open mind and bold determination.



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