Tarot for the Collective: Mercury Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn 2.11.2022

Image credit: Natasha Lyn Divine Fire Tarot, Divine Fire Astrology

February 11, 2022

Mercury Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn 9:04 AM EST

Card drawn 9:03 AM EST

Deck: Crow Tarot by MJ Cullinane

Card: The Tower

The Tower literally jumped out of the deck at me, and given the heavy Pluto energy at play here, it is no surprise. What has previously been comfortable is no longer conducive to walking the path which we are intended to traverse, and it’s time for all that no longer serves us to fall away. Traditionally, The Tower holds a Mars association, but this card is particularly appropriate with Mars also here in Capricorn, where all that matters is aspiration and the underlying structure which we must build and rectify in order to achieve the great heights of which we are capable. This Murder of Crows depicted built this home, this place of refuge from the elements, and then suddenly, through random strike of lightening, it’s falling, they’re falling, and everything seems to be devolving into chaos and tragedy. This card is never a pleasant experience, no matter the deck nor the imagery, but this particular deck, which draws from Crow as harbinger of hidden messages and insight from worlds beyond this place, offers hope in that we see some of the birds beginning to change direction, to RESPOND to the sudden circumstances that are wreaking havoc in this moment. We see FLIGHT beginning to occur at the top of the card, wings beginning to catch air as we may suddenly be able to catch our breath in the midst of change. There is no preparation for what this card brings, we are at the behest of circumstances, but the key here is to remember that there are currents of air which we can ride, upon which we may rise, and seek out an entirely new direction as we take what we’ve learned here in order to construct a better and more stable foundation from which to build. This is not a card that offers REBUILDING, in my opinion, this is a card that demands an entirely new and different path. Clinging to the past will only inhibit growth under this Mercury/Pluto conjunction. It is time to let go, to relinquish control and open ourselves to inevitable change.



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