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Illusions and Deceptions

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When the world goes through a crisis of perception, cycles can help us to focus, harmonize our disparate parts, and integrate what is true. As the pieces of our personal mosaics come together, we begin to perceive the shape of what puzzles us.

Today, just for fun, I pulled a tarot card. The seven of Orbs in the Sirian Starseed deck. I groaned. This seven is about what is hidden and about lies. I asked Source what is there to see. What am I hiding from myself? As always, my questions were answered. Here is a bit of information on the source of that groan.

Cycles of seven are infamous for helping us track our lessons and our learning. For example, what was your world view, your personal point of view, in 2014? It is concluding, now. For me? That year began a long-awaited sequence of travel. And, somehow, after a year and a half of lockdowns and limitations, that cycle is ending. How? I’ve no idea. The pieces are in place, but the puzzle is not yet complete. A few pieces are missing, just enough for the exact details of the image to remain distorted. Does anything in your life feel like that about now? It’s part of the puzzle we must solve, each in our own way.

In the Tarot, with which I have no great expertise, the Sevens are the object lessons of The Chariot. Major Arcana number 7, the chariot card typically depicts a chariot or coach drawn by four or five horses. In some decks, two horses are white and two black, signifying the driver being pulled in different directions. In others, the horses are wild, totally unruly, and only controlled by the mastery of the driver {us}.

The road through this incarnation can be treacherous and we are often pulled here and there by what appear to be opposite choices. The good news is that there is always a better choice. Always. Zero exceptions. This is where we must practice quantum perception. We look past the obvious either/or and see the ‘and’ of what is possible. We are all being schooled in this as Gaia flips her frequencies.

The number seven cards in the Tarot are always about finding ourselves in situations where we are not in control or feel out of control. One typical example being, “having the cart before the horse.”

What is needed is for each of us to feel what forces play through us, or are playing us, and to choose our own Essence, our own direction, over what these unbridled forces {horses} might be stirring up for us. Our personal “Krisna,” {the driver} our inner stability and harmony, reins in what moves us and directs our course onto paths that are most beneficial for us.

The seventh card of each suite represents an element of a dilemma, a crisis of perception. For example:

The seven of wands {air} represents thoughts and feelings of being under siege. This is a mental energy. We feel besieged by our circumstances. We think and act defensively. The suggested solution is always to stand your ground. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Surrender only to that which is within you. Find your inner grounded core. In other words, in any situation you can think for yourself.

The seven of cups {water} represents us when we “can’t make up our mind.” We face multiple choices, or offers, and we can’t seem to choose what is best, or, at worst, what choice will cause the lease harm. We feel overwhelm and this can send our adrenals into the freeze reaction. We feel controlled by what seem to be our only available choices, when we need to let go of them all and feel what we will know is best for us. Making a quick decision could be as disastrous as not making one at all. We know this, so we hesitate or freeze. The solution? Relax. Wait. Observe. Let each choice show its true colors. Don’t let the options control you. When a lava bomb explodes, the fire-fighters watch and wait, to see where it is about to land. Then they respond. We can do the same with any current circumstance.

The seven of swords {fire} is the “thief” card. Something is being taken from us or we are being taken for granted. When reversed, {upside down} it indicates we are stealing from ourselves or ignoring our gifts in some way. Fire moves quickly. So can we. Sometimes we have to go around an obstacle to see it from a different perspective. What hides in plain sight might not do so if we can see where its shadow falls. Allow the thief, whether external or internal, to play the innocent, so your authentic innocence can take command. Know a seemingly invisible threat by the shadow it presents.

The seven of pentacles {earth} indicates our relationship with the tree of life. The farmer, in the traditional image, waits for the fruit to ripen. He knows he has no control over this process. When you have taken the steps you can take, made whatever efforts you can make, it is time to let go and let Source do the manifesting. Pick the fruit too early and harvest the bitterness of unfulfilled expectations. Let it rot on the ground and experience the sweet death-stench of what might have been… though that fallen fruit is preparing the ground for new seeding. Pick your moment. Only you will know. And, when you know, the fruit of your journey will be all your own.

As we move through this month, step by step, new ways open. Many will have seemed closed or even too risky. As we tread gently, rather than fearfully, we have an opportunity to expand our perceptual fields into new paths. A bit treacherous, this footing, but well worth the view and the benefits.

What cycle of seven is ending for you? What is about to begin? And what will open the portal of your heart to all that you are and might become?

Note to the Reader: Some of the card information above was inspired by the Ryder-Waite and Sirian Starseed Tarot decks. Most of it was brought through directly from Source. Whether cycles of Sevens or cycles of the Great Ages, we are all affected by repeating patterns at this stage of the game. A ‘stage’ drawn by wild horses, whose direction teaches us the mastery we need to integrate.

Enjoy the ride!

~ Namaste ~



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