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New Directions

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Happy May 2021!

This is the first newsletter in a while. I will not attempt the explaining adventure, other than to admit to a deep period of gestation. Everything I AM, everything of interest, everything, full stop, has shifted. Yay! Other adventures are afoot. Or, at least in the visioning time.

From infancy, I’ve practiced all. the. ways. or many, in the spiritual traditions, of embodying Source. Aligning with that energy in thought, word, and deed. No, I was never interested in Sainthood, though I think my mum had aspirations in that direction for me.

The world is going through a massive shift. Duh. Yes, we know. And, part of that is a “Mother Healing.”

As anyone who has sat with me knows, when I asked Source for how I could be useful, SHE {yes, the Divine is without gender, and I kindly request that you please get over yourself for the time being, if you’re taking exception to the feminine pronoun} asked if I would be interested in assisting the re-balancing of the Sacred Feminine, the Great Mother energies that are the Creatrix and support of all of life. My response was, “Hells to the yes!”

And, so, for the past decade or so, I have written and taught from the Divine Feminine perspective. The energies of enlightenment run quite differently through a female body than what has been so well documented by those having that experience in a male body. This difference has been part of my learning in this life, and it is my privilege to share the gross and subtle differences of that process with those interested.

I worked through the spiritual misogyny that dominates this world. I worked along with, and eventually as an embodiment of, the energies of the Divine Mother. It ran counter to my early upbringing. I had major Mum issues. What we call the Sacred Feminine has nothing to do with those kinds of issues. This is part of what the human collective is currently learning…the hard way, if I may offer the observation.

The full cellular embodiment of Universal Creative Energies our bodies {of either gender} are engineered to manifest, goes far beyond what has been presented as enlightenment, even in the most advanced esoteric traditions {though some of the oldest come close}. It is what we are designed to become. What some call ascension is the shifting of our cellular matrix into higher and broader bandwidths of Universal frequency. These frequencies are the creative force that is the Source of all things, every reality, and all of us.

Why does that matter? Maybe it does, to you, and maybe it doesn’t. For me, this recognition of the cosmic forces that move through us and their conscious application on this planet, is the only game worth playing. It has many playing fields. Different strands of creative energy resonate with and are pulled toward, different playing fields.

How will we set our sails, as we shape a green-screen world to our intent?

First, we have to recognize the nature of nature…and honor the miracle.

Then, we find our interconnectivity within that nature, as it resonates in harmony with all of nature. Then, we can participate as conscious universal embodiments, on this transiting planet.

How will we set our sails? There are certainly gales. Or, is it our perspective that makes them so?

Thank you for reading, and for agreeing to receive what will hopefully be monthly missives going forward.

Resonance in interconnectivity is what keeps us going. It is a gift of the Oneness we all are.

~ Namaste ~



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Nalini MacNab

I live, learn, write, create and share the experience of embodying HER Infinite Love.