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Particles and Waves

The Big Bang of Becoming

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The compartments of our lives have imploded into their component particles. What will become of us from here? Does there have to be a linear directive?

It is almost the Equinox and the magnetic pull of Mabon is strong. The feeling of being carried by vast currents of energy while exploded into particles of every shape and size is certainly unique. This is one of the big ticket events in our lifetime, certainly, and a ride we will each experience in our own way.

Each uniquely formed particle is attached, if one looks closely enough between the parallels, to filaments of light. These filaments hold fragments of our threads within Her tapestry of creation. What will form from these shredded threads? Do particles become new waves?

A particle only exists when observed…so sayeth quantum physics. What if we were to stop observing our particulates, thereby setting them free? What if the pink mist of new becoming requires a bit of leeway? A fluid, more flexible trust in Her flowing into Becoming?

As the current gains momentum these filaments call out, like unto like, weaving new threads between them. Some particulates fall by the wayside. Some dissolve completely. Others bond and create new configurations to be snapped up by freshly-woven threads. Will these, too, explode into particles and dissolve? The observable answers are: Yes/No/Neither/Both and Something Else entirely.

Seeing from the perspective of an Infinite NOW, shiny threads are showing up, showing us our piece, our currents within the Rainbow Bridge between realities. As a whole, we become that Heart-Initiated bridge. Or are there many? Infinite bridges to infinite worlds?

How else would Her Oneness function?

Are we split between worlds? I confess to having felt that way on many occasions. Not severed and un-whole, but infused into various strands of creation simultaneously. Aren’t we all?

If our attention is being drawn away from the compartmental day-to-day, and the view behind the curtain seems too far away, what then?

As the stars’ long-ago-light shines brightest by night, our particles illuminate, as we pluck and observe these jewels of our wish-fulfilling dreams.

What becomes of fragments whose journey goes unobserved? Do they or do the waves decide? Could it be time for a bit of quantum-choosing?

As our particles find filaments and form threads, we are led, like Theseus by Ariadne, through the Mabon portal and into an infinite array of new Beyonds. Everything ventured, nothing lost.

A glorious New Moon/New Beginning to all!

~ Namaste ~

And if inner alignments are of interest, you might choose to read The Blockchain and Sacred Geometry. We are returning to Her Oneness. Watch Her count the ways!



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Nalini MacNab

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