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The Pythagorean Comma

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An overlap between octaves of awareness

“In musical tuning, the Pythagorean comma, named after the ancient mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras, is the small interval existing in Pythagorean tuning between two enharmonically equivalent notes such as C and B♯, or D♭ and C♯.” ~Wikipedia

We dance around an understanding of this type of interval when we hear something as a ‘quarter tone’ flat, or sharp. The note is not clearly and cleanly resonant, and we hear the wobble, most often trying to correct the imbalance, especially if we’re attempting to sing in harmony.

The note is not ‘true’, yet it is true to itself. And, what is a ‘true’ note, when tuning is arbitrary? Most instruments are tuned from one pitch to another, using specific intervals within a desired scale. While standard tuning for the guitar is an octave ranging from ‘E’ to ‘E’, Joni Mitchell and other folk musicians tuned their guitars in the key of ‘F’ for the specific tonality it provides. The intervals between the strings, the harmonics between their vibrations, provide a contextual frame for the music we hear.

In a family of origin scenario, this plays out with siblings adjusting their respective family positions, harmoniously or not, in relation to each other. Every family position {eldest, youngest, middle child} has its responsibilities, its challenges, its scripting and its tonality.

A healer nods, hearing that someone is the eldest child, for example, as that instantly presents an array of attributes characteristic of this family position. There is now a scale, or range of perceptions, from which to begin.

We all sing ‘out of tune’, when we compare our tonality, the tuning of our field, to that of others. Harmony happens when quantum resonance in the Infinite field blends with itself. This is the tonal basis of vibrational compatibility, or harmonic resonance.

And, right now, the world resounds within a Pythagorean Comma, the unsung interval between the old octave of life and the new.

What happens to resonance when distortion is the key? We’re after finding out, aren’t we? Are we so used to making the best of vibrational mismatch, and the dissonance it creates, that we have fallen out of tune with ourselves?

The still point between the turning worlds, the core of each of us, constantly selects its timbre, its quality of soundness, from All-That-Is. As the stillpoint, whether we are conscious of it or not, our essence taps the spiraling clouds that surround us for compatibility. We use this quantum selection principle to find and connect with tribal resonance.

I’m less and less enamored with my Daily Digest, for example, than with pulling up the site and scanning until resonance pings. No harm, no foul. My resonance changes, sometimes daily, and no amount of tweaking my ‘preferences’ will change that, nor will someone else’s selection algorithms work for my changing tonality.

In the midst of chaotic change, vibrational alignment can be fleeting, like the notes of birdsong, or the laugh of a child. We each contribute the notes of our existence to the symphony or the cacophony, of our environment.

In addition to working our trust muscles, Gaia is accelerating her pitch to new octaves of life. We can hear it in the wind, feel it in the waters, and listen, if we dare, as Nature’s symphony tunes ‘up’.

I’ve been working steadily on transforming some of my work into online course materials, during my own ‘pause between the worlds’. The ones lighting me up, and therefore easiest to transcribe/edit/publish are those dealing with the phenomenon of ‘the pause’, the quantum re-set of possibilities.

My absolute favorite, Living as MultiDimensional Oneness, {admittedly a problematic title} is a course in learning about frequencies, through sound and light. The course I am in the midst of re-writing, called Trinity, is another favorite, as it is an initiation into shifting, as the Great Mother’s harmonized pixels of light. I don’t mention these as a form of marketing, but by way of illustration. We find our ‘true note’ in what brings us joy.

What lights us up is our true note of natural selection. It transcends limits, lifetimes, and all the ways we’ve convinced ourselves we are alone.

Blessings, in the comma of transition.

~ Namaste ~

An article by Kelly Eden, prompted the content of this email. Thanks, Kelly. Last night I dreamed of the Catlins rainforest. Sending kisses to McLean Falls and little blue penguins.

I published the article, Intense Lessons of Discernment, today on Medium, as testament to the sea change we’re surfing. Thank you for your reads and follows.

~ Nalini




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