What’s Wrong With This Picture?

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Do you see the issue? Any issue? This is a Ceiba tree, sacred to the Maya and an amazing guardian being we invited to live on the property. The Ceiba represents the axis mundi, the world tree that connects the realms and dimensions, specifically heaven and earth. This one is as special as any of these beautiful beings.

What is wrong with the picture of her? A lack of reverence and respect. She has the amazing thorns that characterize this sacred tree, serving to insure her respect from marauding climbers and pecking birds. The thorns that are reproduced on many Mayan stone carvings.

She was invited here, moved by crane from the neighbors Hacienda across the way, gently, carefully, and with all the respect that such a being deserves. So what is wrong with this picture?

Look again. Some unthinking individual twisted some wires and hung a bird feeder from her branches. Innocuous you say? Not a big deal? One might as well have hung a cheap plastic pinwheel from the nose of an angel.

Below is her ‘before’ picture. Feel the difference in the energy.

Her immediate environment, meaning the ground around her roots, was prepared with enriched soil. Boulders were unearthed from the rich supply of bedrock here to form seats for meditation in the shade of her branches. Gravel made of stone from this very ground was spread beneath her, between these meditation benches, so that her energy and grace could be honored by those who might come to sit and chat with her.

Then someone thought, “Oh no, there ought to be a garden under here…” unbeknown to those of us who planted her, watered and cared for her first few weeks and promised she would be able to fulfill her function as a property guardian… and she has flourished… until now.

Now the gravel has been raked away, dirt and scraggly flowers have been planted at her feet and a bird feeder hung from her sacred branches. Why? A lack of reverence, respect and understanding.

The elementals hereabouts move through the waters, into the bedrock (which basically floats like a raft) and through the green world. We were in close communion as she was brought here and asked to root in this sacred space as we have chosen to plant tenuous roots here.

What happened? A lack of reverence and respect. “Let’s ‘humanize’ the space and make it … what, exactly?”

I spend my life creating sacred space. I live it, breathe it, create with it, establish bonds with the beings that hold it. How many times has what so many of us, we guardians and custodians, held dear been so defaced?

You might say this is nothing. {It is not the only sacred space on the property that has been so treated.} You might say that there are larger issues in this world. I would insist that when we do not honor the beings of this world that make our lives on it possible, we are trashing sustainability. Not just for seven generations, but for any potential we have as a species.

Oh, I will remove the offending thingie that hangs from my friend. I will restore the peace at her feet. I will attempt, once more, to honor what requires honor when the stars find embodiment on this or any world.

If you know whereof I speak, then you know. If not, perhaps you could take a moment. Find your heart with regard to the beings with which we share this world. Choose to honor and not contain, overlay, and trash.

Today there is a tear in the eye of this Buddha. May we learn better and do better… or we will have no place on any world at all.

Thank you for reading. I truly appreciate it and so does my sacred friend, the Ceiba tree. May you find such a friend(s) and honor the life and wonder that resides there instead of dumbing it down with what you think it should be. May we all attempt this each and every day. Once in awhile I actually preach. Thanks for bearing with it as we all find a new way.



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Nalini MacNab

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