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If the Father calls the world good, why Jesus told us to hate our flesh?

It troubled me to reconcile what Jesus wants as opposed to what the Father did. I am sure this was one reason early heresies about calling body evil spread rapidly. The remedying council did not specifically answer why the human body and the earth are necessary. What does the Trinity want out of these bodies? The theology of the body tries to position our biology as good for His purpose but doesn’t really answer what is the intrinsic necessity that it can’t take another form.

The more you understand humanity, science, and life as it is designed by the father, the more questions that the world is in fact good. Some orthodox people often label everything as fallen to address the issue of bad situations, I honestly do not think it is fair. I think no theologians have reached a common understanding of what the Trinity is trying to do. Many Christians are stuck at “He loves us”.

I disagree. Not that He doesn’t love us, but to the mentality of ignoring the detailed plan They have that requires us in this material world.

The Church is too focused on the why, but not the what. This article is to address this issue.

  1. Ability to temporarily exercise Godly power, not prescriptive or mandated.
  2. Experience temporary hell, not immediate.
  3. Glory based on progressive choices, not by designed
  4. Life cycle that has an ending

Then if these reasonings based on spiritual judgment are accurate, do humans need to grow up? Do we need to understand human behaviors? Do we need to become better people? Do you benefit from knowing the knowledge of the world? Jesus said what good if you know the entire world but lose your soul, in the Church today, we are encouraged to grow our humanity as well. It is sad to see the majority of devoted Catholics going away from God once they start jumping to professional life or any work, life learning experiences somehow make us feel we are better people, while we forget Jesus does not care much about those self developments and learnings. This may trigger many people, including the past me, we think that we could use these learnings for God if we intend to do it, but in reality, we keep piling excuses to delay Him.

Pieces of evidence to look at,

Jesus said, if you want to be perfect, sell your belongings, give it to the poor, and follow me. I tried living this to the extreme and worked well in the setting of giving my life in entirety, but when I am no longer part of a community that does that, the Father stopped giving providence the way it was. I am not saying He abandoned me, but definitely, the regular miracles are no longer seen as active when you are in regular work in life. This leads to a potential explanation that God’s providence is more active when one is totally dropping everything in life because Jesus promised such, not because the Father does it by design.

In addition, Jesus once said the Truth would set us free, but He did not teach us or was not told by the Father about sciences and human truths, even most theologies today are derived from Augustine and others, why didn’t He give us more spoilers? I think the only good reason I could live with is that He honestly did not think it was important. The world never changes, physics does not change, and

He tells us to elevate our humanity to a Godly being through eternal divinization, where earthly learnings are useless.

Everything points to the Father with His free will, that cares about making us like Him and being consistent with His plan to make human battlegrounds to let us play as god and allow us to bring others to hell, to respect free will and chances.

Making us like Him is a huge deal we can’t fathom, it is such a privilege that we don’t even think we want. However, likewise, to be like Him, requires such a complex requirement, that we humans do not want to deal with.

So the Father created humans and the world to create a condition that allows god-like simulation, and Jesus does not pay too much attention to our personal growth, seems like in His eyes, He cares only when we stop looking into the created world, and wants to be with Him, then bring others to want to be with him. In this attempt to bring others, personal growth is vital to attract souls, but not in itself benefit our relationship with Him, I am sure the enemy understands humanity more than any of us alive anyway. This pseudo world is an excellent solution to pull devils out of hell back to heaven if they wish, though it might never happen. But for us, the participant, it is a heavenly benefit to not be in heaven, to keep trying to fall, and eventually choose to go up or stay on course to lawlessness.

There are Christians who try to be helpful in the world who feel so useless in society but insist on not living in complete providence because of the presented requirement. Indeed, many Christians are seen and will be seen as useless, based on the measure of the lower class (earth and society) they bring nothing but joy and hope. Jesus exposed the Truth about God’s plan, but God never planted these truths in the creation, so it is by design incompatible.

Making it possible for creations not to choose to leave God, like the enemy, but rather choose to be with God.

In conclusion, work to sustain life is somewhat incompatible with God’s calling, they are holy because we are kept alive, and we can eat, but not in the form that entails. However, they can be a form of necessity that allows the Gospel to spread. I think we need to separate life and faith, work and ministry if we don’t sell all our belongings to the poor because they don’t go together if we operate inside a system that is not based on Truth in the first place. It would be great if such a world exists, and I am hopeful some of us are gradually making it manifest, but not in the current capital market.



Through failures of all sorts, wisdom is the only way out. All healings point out to God. We need to find and encounter Christ beyond what the Church knows, only then the world will ponder on Him more seriously.

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