Divi Development Update — Friday, April 13, 2018

As we bring another week to a close here at the Divi offices, it is time for our weekly development update.

April 8 Blockchain progress

Although the bulk of this week’s blockchain development work included progress on the see-saw algorithm, lottery, and governance voting a significant amount of progress was also made on the Masternodes.

Masternode progress included the general Masternode system, multi-wallets, payouts, and dynamic IP capable features.

We did manage to find some serious issues with the underlying internal wallet system in the BTC codebase that seems to have been dragged through in part with wildly inconsistent code quality through the various versions. We have addressed most of these issues and optimized the codebase even further.

April 13 Blockchain progress

This week included some additional design work around Multi-Factor Authentication and the Mini-Blockchain system. The engineering team’s efforts were focused on cleaning up and finishing elements of the saw algorithm, Lottery, voting, MN Dynamic IP, MN with Multiple Wallets, MN Payout to different wallet addresses. Some additional testing work was completed. Due to the complexity of many of the changes that are in process this week’s GitHub post will be a separate branch until those changes are ready to be merged. Additionally, there was a lot of wallet team support.

April Wallet dev team progress so far

The month has started off strong for the wallet crew. We are about 85% finished building out the open source development stack for developing services with Divi’s blockchain.

The tasks include:

* Divi full node with extended capabilities using Divi Core for development with NodeJS
* A client library to connect to Divi Daemon RPC in JavaScript.
* A Divi blockchain REST and web socket API service for use with web wallets
* A Divi blockchain web browser user interface
* A Javascript Divi library
* Divi wallet service 
* Divi wallet client
* Divi message verification and signing for Bitcore-Divi
* Interface to the Divi P2P network for Bitcore-Divi

Please note that these tasks, although publicly viewable, are being developed on our personal GitHub accounts to avoid any cloning/forking before they are fully tested and implemented.

As always, we are available to answer any questions you may have about the update on our Telegram channel.

Our code is available on Github and our roadmap is updated weekly with a TL;DR of the above mentioned milestones.

See you next week!