Decentralized Marketplace

by Geoffrey McCabe, co-founder of The Divi Project

Cryptocurrency won’t go mainstream until people have something to buy with it. The promise of cryptos is to cut out the middleman, so that people can buy directly with each other like we did in the old days before banks, Visa, and PayPal, got between people. Now, thanks to blockchains and peer-to-peer technologies, we no longer need them.

In the meantime, there are now debit card options that create a hybrid solution, allowing people to use their crypto holdings to convert to a local fiat currency. While Divi will participate in order to give our coin holders options, these aren’t ideal solutions because of high fees and issues with taxation. Our goal is a functioning peer-to-peer decentralized solution.


Think of it as something like a cross between Craig’s List and Amazon. There are two types of offerings:

  • Simple listings — you can list something like a classified ad, with basic description, and link to an offsite offering, such as your own website or just an email. The point of this is to help people find stuff that’s being offered to be sold for DIVI.
  • E-Commerce — These listings include photos and you can run the transaction through the marketplace checkout system directly.

Marketplace powered by DIVI

Listings will have a small cost, to be paid for in DIVI, which gives our token a use besides just trading or staking it. These fees will be adjustable based on market demand, and controlled by the masternode holders in our governance system.

Shop by Map

We will have a beautiful map that helps you find cool stuff for sale near you. Search by product category or type and see what’s for sale in your country or town.

Strategy to Sign Up Merchants

Just setting up a marketplace infrastructure isn’t enough. That’s because buyers won’t use it if there aren’t a lot of great things for sale. But, sellers also don’t want to take their time to list when there aren’t many buyers.

Our solution is to incentivize great e-commerce vendors. Our team will provide the tech to do it and for qualified merchants, pay them enough of our coins to make it worth their while. As our audience grows, they’ll find a new source of revenue and become Divi fans in the process.

We don’t need every e-commerce site on the planet to take DIVI on day one. Instead, we need one good competitively priced vendor in each product category, so shoppers have a good chance to find what they’re looking for. One good bookseller, one electronics store, one for musical instruments, one sporting goods, etc. Then expand from there.

Tools for E-commerce Websites

Our coders will create embeddable buttons and plugins that allow merchants to easily take Divi on their own websites. Our tools will be able to calculate a fair price based on the current market value of Divi. Set the price in a local fiat currency and expect the Divi price to match.

Unique and Exclusive Products

We’ll have a sales team that goes out to find talent, and pay them to make great stuff. Expect to see the work of dozens of great designers making and selling things that can only be found within the Divi Market.

Would you like to join our design team? Send us an email with your ideas and work.

Web Version

We will have a world wide web version of the marketplace, to make sure the products listed can appear in search engines. This will help bring attention to our market from outside. If people want to buy what they see, they’ll need to join the Divi community.

For more about us, see our website: