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Divi Crypto Podcast, EP 176

Making Trading Easier with Varun Kumar

On this episode of the DIVI Crypto Podcast, our host Steve McGarry is joined by Varun Kumar, the Founder and CEO of Hashflow. To start the show, Steve has Varun give us the details of his origin story into crypto and how he transitioned from the aerospace industry. Varun dives into what exactly Hashflow is and how it can be used. Steve asks Varun to explain impermanent loss and how they are stopping it from happening at Hashflow while also asking about market makers. Varun predicts what the market will look like over the next 12 months, and he shares what he is excited about in the space today.

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Hashflow is a decentralized exchange that allows users to trade any asset on any chain in seconds simply by connecting their wallet. All trades are commission-free, and all price quotes are executed at their displayed price, giving you the most value for your buck on every trade.

-Twitter — https://twitter.com/hashflow

-Twitter — https:/twitter.com/gandalfthebr0wn

- LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/varunvruddhula/

-Website — https://www.hashflow.com/

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