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Divi Crypto Podcast, EP 180

The Importance of Data Ownership with Amir Husain

On this episode of the DIVI Crypto Podcast, our host Steve McGarry is joined by Amir Husain, Founder and Board Director of Navigate. They start the show diving into Amir’s background and how he got into the Web3 space. Amir talks about how software has always been a way for him to create and express himself and how he has run multiple software companies throughout his deep entrepreneurial background. Steve asks about the importance of user data and controlling your own data, while Amir expands on the idea of personal attention being a valuable asset today. Amir expands on Navigate’s current state, the Navigate Maps Alpha, and how their data upload functionality will operate with all types of data.

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Navigate is enabling a new way for the world to share data, build applications, and get rewarded for each contribution. Navigate is launching a data ecosystem that allows you to share your data and connect it with Web3 builders, who will use it as fuel to develop the next generation of exciting apps and services. Designed to be the ultimate destination for contributing and sourcing data, the Navigate ecosystem will be a launchpad for future innovation, where anyone can find the data needed to build decentralized apps on the Navigate platform.

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