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Divi Crypto Podcast, EP 182

The Blockchain Singularity of the Future with Dom Williams

On this episode of the DIVI Crypto Podcast, our host Steve McGarry is joined by Dom Williams, Founder & Chief Scientist of Dfinity. To start the show, Steve has Dom jump into his background, getting into the blockchain space and how Bitcoin originally caught his attention. Dom talks about how he started working on making blockchains work more efficiently and at a faster rate for the gaming industry and how the aim was originally to make a cryptocurrency. They dive into how smart contracts play a big role in Dfinity and how they built a large international team, including several cryptographers. Dom talks about the creation of the “Internet Computer” project, explains what a “world computer’’ is, and how they constructed everything within Dfinity.

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Dfinity is a Swiss-based not-for-profit organization with the largest R&D team in blockchain. Their goal is to create a “blockchain singularity” in which every system and service is rebuilt and reimagined using smart contracts that run entirely from infinite public blockchain without the need for traditional IT. The DFINITY Foundation is also a major contributor to the Internet Computer, the world’s most powerful general-use blockchain.

Website — https://dfinity.org/

Website — https://internetcomputer.org/

Twitter — https://twitter.com/dfinity

Twitter — https://twitter.com/dominic_w

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