Divi — Mini WhitePaper

The First User-Friendly Cryptocurrency

A Solution to Capture Crypto’s $10+ trillion prize, which is Mass Adoption by Ordinary People.

The Divi Project has a novel solution to solve the biggest and most lucrative problem in the crypto world: “Mass Adoption” of crypto by ordinary people. We seek to bring the power of the blockchain to those who now shun it, currently finding it too technical, uninteresting and scary. Make no mistake, the conversion of fiat currencies to digital will inevitably be the world’s largest transfer of wealth, running into many trillions of dollars. There has never been a bigger financial opportunity in history, and the Divi Project intends to be first to market with a viable solution.
Our Solution

In a Nutshell: Our new blockchain allows us to socialize and humanize financial experiences by hiding the “crypto” underneath a sweet User Interface. This “Smart Wallet” is being designed to remove all the “pain points” that currently prevent ordinary people from getting excited about cryptocurrencies. Think of it this way: cryptos currently are like MS Dos in the early 1980’s. The Divi Project is bringing the user experience of Apple with the social genius of Facebook in its blockchain/smart-wallet system.

New Technology

Blockchain: We are creating a new type of blockchain that stores personal meta-data in addition to transactions. This allows us to use an email or personal name for transactions rather than impossible-to-remember strings of random characters. It also allows social interaction between buyer and seller, which reduces errors and the fear of hitting that “SEND” button.

Masternodes: We have the world’s first multi-tiered masternode system, with five levels of increasing awards. Masternodes can also be installed on the computer, or in the cloud by any level or user with a single click, another world’s first.

Lottery Blocks: Also the first crytpo to have this. Once per week a lottery block is mined that awards a few lucky Divi stakers a jackpot.

Security: Security is greatly improved when social interactions between sender and receiver are available. We’ll have a multi-faceted security system that allows people to use icons to build a security solution sequence that they’re comfortable with, and can range from “casual” to Ft Knox. Expect location based security, biometrics, 2FA, and other solutions.

Stability of Price: This is an essential component in the march towards Mass Adoption of cryptocurrencies. Our masternode, staking-wallets, lottery block awards, and built in social systems is designed to keep DIVI holders inside our ecosystem rather than on exchanges.

Be Your Own Bank: Much more than just a wallet, our “bank in a box” has many innovative new features to help people save, protect, earn, or send money to friends, family, businesses, and charities. We have a piggy bank feature, security vaulting, subscription payments, auto-splitting of payments between partners, and even a way to collect and send off taxes. You can send transaction to someone’s email and encrypt it yourself with a PIN code. You’ll never need or want a brick-and-mortar bank again.

Future Proof

The future of Cryptocurrencies is uncertain with regard to intervention by governments and the banks that influence or control them. The Divi Project’s coin is designed to have the flexibility to be able to comply, if need be, with future regulations that are currently being discussed.

DIVI also should not be classified as a Security by the SEC because it passes rule #4 of the infamous “Howey Test”. This is for several reasons:

  1. After launch the coin holders, not the founders, will control the destiny of Divi through the masternodes and governance system.
  2. Coin holders do not need the price of the coin to increase to gain a profit since it has several revenue streams in its ecosystem (masternodes, staked wallets, DNS name registration fees, market listing fees)
  3. The marketplace will give Divi holders a use for their coins other than trading them on exchanges.

Purchasers of Divi coins should be able to rest easy, knowing we’re doing our best to plan for any governmental intervention that may affect the future of Divi’s use and value.

Token Sale Stats

DIVX coins, which are an “erc20 compliant exchange token” will be sold during the token sale, and will be redeemed on a 1:1 ratio for DIVI coins when the new blockchain launches (Early Q2 2018)

  • Begins November 8, 2017 ( Starts at Ethereum Block Number 4438800)
  • No pre-mine.
  • Capped at 100,000 ETH.
  • 60–80 Million Tokens will be created.
  • — 80% of tokens are sold in the token sale
  • — 10% to Founders
  • — 10% for Influencers and Mass Adoption Strategies
  • Presale countdown: https://diviproject.org/crowdsale

The token sale phases:

  • Phase 1 starts on (Oct 27, 2017) 
     1 ETH = 650 DIVX — (30% bonus)
  • Phase 2 starts on (Nov 6, 2017)
     1 ETH = 575 DIVX — (15% bonus)
  • Phase 3 starts at (Nov 16, 2017)
     1 ETH = 500 DIVX

Distribution and Use of Funds:

  • 35% for front end development
  • 15% for blockchain development
  • 35% for community, adoption, education projects, marketing
  • 10% for operations and services
  • 3% for cyber security, bounties, etc
  • 2% legal

Contact and Connect

More information from the Divi Project whitepaper: https://diviproject.org/files/Divi-WP.pdf 
Website: https://diviproject.org
Blog/Articles: https://medium.com/diviproject
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCihooU0crqQkBOvV0_lsRnw 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/diviproject 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diviproject 
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/EAdiTQ3yZk_GkqU0IdG-Gg 
Email: info@diviproject.org