Ease of Use

by Geoff McCabe, co-founder of The Divi Project

Anyone who doesn’t have a PhD in physics can tell you that the learning curve to be able use cryptocurrencies currently is very difficult and scares away the vast majority of people who could otherwise benefit from the power of the blockchain.

For this reason we at The Divi Project know that we can never accomplish mass adoption of our cryptocurrency until we make it an order of magnitude easier and more intuitive. There are several areas that are ripe for improvement, and we’re developing many concepts to make managing a cryptocurrency wallet both fun and easy:

Words instead of Numbers

You’ll now be able to register a unique and human-readable name for each of your wallets, just like with a world wide web URL. These could be your real name, a pseudonym, a business, or whatever you want.


“DV-jennifer_lee_123” instead of



The way wallet transactions are now, you have to hit that SEND button and pray. With Divi, you’ll be able to know in advance that you’re sending to the right account, because you can see some personal data (if they allow it). Still not sure though? Then you can send the transaction encrypted and then contact the receiver by phone or text message to give them a pin code to confirm it. If a hacker intercepts it, they won’t be able to steal it.


Don’t know someone’s wallet address but need to send them money? Just consult our searchable directory and you’ll be able to find their address using their name. And we’ll show you their photo/logo and other data too, if they’ve posted it, to help you confirm it’s correct.


Using the APIs of popular cryptocurrency exchanges, we’ll make it easy for you to exchange Divi for other coins right in your wallet. It can even be done automatically so that arriving payments are sent off the wallet into another crypto of your choice in an exchange.

Help & Learning

  • Help Button: Don’t you hate it when you click that help button and there’s nothing there? Or the information is out of date? We will be extremely dedicated to creating high quality help and FAQs explaining everything in the smart wallet, in simple terms.
  • Video Help: There will also be links to videos giving even more hand-holding. We want anyone who uses DIVI to find it no more intimidating than using PayPal or their online banking.
  • Jargon & Glossary: The crypto world is filled with jargon that for newcomers makes the whole process seem like learning a foreign language. We’re going to use familiar names whenever possible, and have an extensive glossary with clear definitions of everything, making it easy for people to enter the crypto world.

Jargon Elimination

Newbies to the cryptocurrencies get instantly confused by all the new terms, and many of them are unnecessary. Why make it so difficult for people? Why use “private key” when it can just be “account number”? The goal is to make using Divi’s smart wallet as simple and familiar as an online bank account, but more powerful.

Masternodes Setup

Some cryptos, like Divi, have a masternode system whereby coin holders can earn more, simply by keeping their computer connected to the network. The problem is that only a coder/hacker can set up and maintain a masternode. We’ll make that really easy by creating one-click install systems.