Mass Adoption-Better Than Bitcoin?

by Geoff McCabe, co-founder of The Divi Project

It’s well known that the most difficult challenge is getting millions, or billions of people to actually use your coin for something other than trading it on exchanges. The cryptocurrency that’s able to solve this will be worth a trillion dollars in ten years. There are four main hurdles to mass adoption that The Divi Project is taking on, and we have unique solutions to all of them:

  1. Awareness
  2. Accessibility / Ease of Use
  3. Security
  4. Intervention by Banks/Governments

In addition to these challenges, there are certain characteristics that a cryptocurrency should have that we believe will favor mass adoption. These are:

5. Grass Roots Community

6. Stability

7. Market of Products/Services


It doesn’t do much good to have the best technology or best product if no one knows about it. That’s why we’ve made it a main focus to make sure we have a top publicist (Heidi Krupp) on our team, as well as several experienced marketers. A large part of our budget, both in coins and cash, will be dedicated to raising awareness about The Divi Project through articles, television, and incentivizing top influencers to learn and teach about Divi.

Easy to Use

There are already several hundred difficult-to-use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The world is ready for something easier. Our main focus with our features, technology, and User Interface will be towards making it so that regular people enjoy using our intuitive systems. Once they try Divi, they will never want to use other cryptos. [More on Ease of Use]


A potential cryptocurrency user may become aware of us, and like the interface, but if they don’t trust it, they’ll never use it. Text passwords are notoriously bad and easy to hack for so many reasons. We’re looking into adopting a wide spectrum of the latest security features to make Divi as easy to protect as it is to use. Good security is absolutely essential in order for billions of people to want to use it. [More on Security]

Intervention by Outside Forces

Most of us who understand the power of blockchains know that left on its own, banks, and then governments will rapidly be replaced by superior technology-driven alternatives. Most observers don’t expect these vested interests to go down without a fight. We can expect a long and difficult battle with regulations, regulations, and organized media campaigns to generate FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt about cryptos. We’ve taken every precaution we can to insure the survival of Divi as a currency, no matter what obstacles governments around the world try to throw up to prevent the blockchain’s disruptive influence. [Read More: Divi is Future-Proof]

Grass Roots Community

Our crowdsale helps get a jump-start on building a community, and typically we’d expect at least 3000–5000 contributors, who will be aligned with our vision of mass adoption. Most of the Divi founders are highly outgoing people, not code geeks. The core team includes people who spend much of their time traveling and talking in front of large audiences (Tim Sanders, and Ramez Naam) to help spread the word. We also have a top publicist on the team (Heidi Krupp).

Our governance system, coupled with our internal chat/message system and our unusually easy “one click” ways to participate with masternodes and staking wallets, will make it easy for people to become part of the community and stay aligned with our long-term goals.

With our focus on high-quality communication with our fans, through YouTube, Slack, Telegram, Facebook, etc, we will keep them enthusiastic and bringing their friends into the fold.


It’s difficult to use a cryptocurrency because speculators are driving the price up and down on exchanges. How can merchants set prices for their goods and services? And what about fears of hard forks?

  • E-Commerce Tools — To create stability, we will provide merchants with tools that allow them to take DIVI on their websites, with a price set in another currency such as U.S. dollars but displayed in DIVI according to the current exchange rate.
  • Good Governance — A hard fork like BTC/BCH is caused because bitcoin doesn’t have a governance system. Divi will have a built in system, run by the masternode holders, for people to discuss and vote.
  • Staking = Stability — Our technology makes it easy for DIVI holders to hold masternodes or use our staking wallet to earn more. With more people holding and less putting DIVI on exchanges, this causes a natural stability with a slow and steady upward trajectory in value.

Market of Products and Services

One of the biggest problems that prevents people from actually using cryptocurrencies is that there’s not much to buy with it. There are now some visa-type bank cards that allow you spend cryptos, but they convert to dollars first, with a high commission rate, which goes against the purpose of cryptos eliminating banks and the middleman.

The Divi Project will build a decentralized market and place it within our smart wallet. With very inexpensive listings, powered by DIVI, we’ll give people something to do with DIVI besides making more of it. The key is to make sure we have a broad range of offerings, and part of our budget is for this purpose. It will be necessary, at first, to incentivize merchants to participate, because there will be few buyers when we first start. So, we’ll have a team just for the purpose of bringing merchants into the Divi family. [Read More: Marketplace]

For more information about us, click here: The Divi Project