Massive Mainstream Press Coverage has Already Been Achieved for The Divi Project

Geoff McCabe
Divi Project
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6 min readNov 15, 2017


Upcoming and Past Divi Press Interviews

People often ask me how we will achieve mass adoption. How will millions of people find out about Divi with hundreds of cryptocurrencies out there? While there are many ways, our primary secret weapon is Heidi Krupp and her stellar team in New York, who have been quietly working in the background to line up influencers and press for us.

Although Divi isn’t yet well known in the crypto scene, no smaller cryptocurrency has achieved anywhere near the mainstream recognition that The Divi Project has, with interviews on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, at Nasdaq, articles in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, and many more TV appearances, as shown below.

1. (Viewership: ~1 Million)

Request: LIVE TV interview from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, Tuesday January 9, 2018.

Watch it:

About: Cheddar is a live streaming financial news network that broadcasts live daily from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NASDAQ, the Flatiron Building in New York City, and the White House lawn and briefing room in Washington, D.C. It covers new products, technologies, and services. Cheddar targets millennials by streaming one to two hours of live content from the NYSE trading floor daily, streaming live audio on iHeartRadio, and distributing the videos on video platforms such as Amazon Prime, the Cheddar app, Facebook live, Sling TV, and YouTube.

2. Computer America Radio Show (Listenership: ~1 Million)

Request: LIVE interview Completed— 11/30/2017 at 4pm EST.

Listen Here:

About: Computer America is a national radio program syndicated by the BusinessTalkRadio Network. It covers computer and technology news and topics, data center and colocation topics, interviews with industry experts, appearances by hardware and software companies, and business personalities.

3. TechRepublic (UVM: 9,385,059)

Request: Video interview posted at along with a written piece. Interview 11am on January 10, 2018 in NYC.

Watch it:

Read it: on one of many sites that picked up the story:

About: TechRepublic serves as the ultimate professional resource and community for members of the IT sector, including CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, CMOs, IT directors, IT managers, IT professionals, and everyone whose job requires making decisions about technology. Additionally offers international editions in the United Kingdom, Australia and Japan.

4. (UVM: 835,714)

Request: Phone interview completed with Paula Bernier for an editorial piece on Nov 20. Article to appear in print and in March 2018.

About: TMC (Technology Marketing Corporation) is the world’s leading business-to-business and integrated marketing media company, servicing niche markets within the communications and technology industries. Global buyers rely on TMC’s content-driven marketplaces to make purchase decisions and navigate markets.

5. B2B News Network (UVM: 56,758)

Request: Phone interview done Nov 27 for editorial piece. Article now live here:

About: B2B News Network covers innovative news, commentary, insights, and research useful for the B2B industry. Their audience consists of CMOs, CIOs, sales executives and other senior business leaders.

6. BlockTribune (UVM: 14,807)

Request: Phone interview completed for an editorial piece. Article now live here:

About: BlockTribune covers not only bitcoin and alt-coins themselves, but also the regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies and the people who use them. They investigate the opportunities for commercial activity, investing in bitcoin as a commodity, the functionality of the blockchain, and uses of this new technology beyond its function as a medium for transactions.

7. Bold TV Business(

Request: Live TV interview with Geoff McCabe and Tim Sanders in New York City, 9am EST, January 9, 2018

Watch it:

About: BoldTV is a digital news network committed to bipartisan dialogue & innovation for people, business & communities. It’s co-hosted by Clay Aiken and Carrie Sheffield, produced by Al Roker.,

8. (UVM: 72,936) — The Executive Director would like to meet in person on Thursday, 1/11/2018 at 1pm to discuss Divi’s POV on women in crypto. She will interview both Geoff in person and Toni Lane Casserly will phone in.

9. (UVM: 19,136,290) — The Executive Business Editor would will meet by phone with Geoff McCabe and Tim Sanders about Divi — currently scheduled for sometime the week of January 15, 2018.

10. The Scope Weekly (UVM: 28,000) — Article Posted January 5, 2018: “Merrill Lynch Blocks Bitcoin but Crypto Advocates Have Different Plans.”

11. Creating Wealth Show — Podcast / Interviewed on Feb 15, 2018 with Jason Hartman and now live here:

The show has a global audience in 164 countries and focuses on cutting edge topics in business and finance. Scheduled to be released at the end of february. Previous guests include: John Scully (former CEO of Apple), Steve Forbes (Forbes Media), Robert Kiyosaki (Founder of Rich Dad Company.)

12. This Week in Tech ( — Interviewed 2/23/2018 for nationwide broadcast. Watch it here:

13. NASDAQ Interview with CNBC’s Jon Najarian. Divi co-founders Geoff McCabe and Nick Saponaro were interviewed at NASDAQ for the new International ICO channel. Watch the interview here:

14. Yahoo Finance — March 2, 2018: One of the biggest online channels for financial news covered an interview with Divi co-founder Nick Saponaro, which was also on CNBC:

15. Stanford Social Innovation Review (UVM: 453,692): Interview with Geoff McCabe as a thought leader on the use of blockchain in journalism, as a tool against “fake new”. Interview scheduled for Thursday March 8, 2018 between 9am — 11am EST.