Acceleration at Katapult!

Productivity and development of your business get a real boost when joining the Katapult accelerator program.

At Katapult Accelerator they are working on growing and scaling impact startups with the focus on exponential technology. Whatever you need help with, be it more contacts, mentors, investors, access to lawyers, marketing tricks, design or technical development of the product, they can help you! Katapult tailors the program to your business needs and wherever you are in the process.

KPI’s & Growth

At the beginning, pinning down some measurable and quantifiable numbers and goals for your business is of high focus — and every week KA makes sure you are on track to reach your KPI’s.


Gaining more traction and media coverage is also easier when you hang out with this gang, as KA put forth major efforts to make you part of the community of startups. The network Katapult has and provides us with is invaluable for our business growth.

During the program we got to meet many investors. Here the startup Oizom presents at the Angel Investor Challenge. This is an accelerator for investors in Oslo that Katapult works closely with, and they ended up investing in 3 of the companies from KA.

Groomed for Presentation on Demo Day

The whole accelerator ends on demo day, where all the startup companies pitch their progress and results from the last three months. So every week, KA and the other startups help out to prepare you for demo day, be it with voice training, improvisation, the design of the deck, wording, posture or eye-contact with the crowd. This is really helpful to make a bigger impact when you are presenting, as well as making the whole idea more tangible and easier for the outer world to understand.

At Katapult Demo Day we presented on stage to 300 Investors

Accelerate yourself!

At Katapult they are not only focusing on accelerating your business, but also yourself as an entrepreneur and human being. When you work in a startup it is easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of work required by you, and this pressure can make the startup experience very stressful, to say the least. An important learning experience we want to take with us from Katapult is to make sure we take small breaks during the day, as it actually helps you to work better and more efficiently.

So happy after our workout session at Holmekollen during “hell week”. The elevator was out of order — so we ran the stairs ;)

The Katapult Tribe

The Katapult team is passionate and provides a brilliant support system, it’s like a family. The batch, the mentors and investors are all dedicated towards a common mission. The mission of impacting the world for the better with innovative technology. This enables action to take place like nowhere else!

We are grateful for all the new learning, stretched comfort zones and added hustle skills. Most importantly, we value the trust that they have showcased letting us prioritise what is important for our development. Thank you to everyone that has been patient and everyone that has helped us out! ❤

So proud and happy to put op our sticker on the Katapult Startup Map with program manager Nina Heir, operating partner Sean Percival and investment analyst Belawal Khan.

Love Diwala,