NEW Features in Diwala: Credential Issuance made Easier, Faster & more Secure.

Marina Sellstad
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3 min readAug 31, 2022


Did you know that you can sign and issue thousands of certificates securely at once using authentic digital signatures? ✍️ The Diwala platform enables fast and easy issuance and verification of credentials for both people and businesses. Over 10 000 credentials have already been issued with the Diwala platform.

New Features in Diwala platform 1.0

We are continuously updating our platform and service to better suit and cater to the needs of our users and clients, and over the last year, we have added a number of new features to the platform 👇

Modules: Got several modules or subjects in your course? You can now add up to 18 modules to your certificates, and select which particular modules each student has completed. If you have a group of students that have not completed certain modules, you can also opt those out at the same time.

See a step-by-step video guide and instructions on how to use Modules here.

Sign all courses in 1 go: Some of our trainers do a lot of training! You can now sign all your courses in 1 go for all your organization’s training ✍ ✅ Simply select the courses you want to sign, review & enter your password! Easy as that 💫 See how the feature works in a video right here!

Course Code Flyer: Share a course code flyer with your trainees to onboard them faster to your course. Simply tell your students to download the Diwala app, and enter the course code on your course flyer. If done right, you won't even need to send out email or phone invitations ✌️

See the video showcasing this feature in use by one of our issuers and partners right here.

A digital Identity is the new verified way of showcasing one’s skills, accomplishments, and information about oneself. Having a digital identity enables you to receive, store and share your credentials safely and easily with potential employers or investors.

What’s new?

  • You can now create a digital identity for your business, in addition to your individual identity. You can receive and share credentials to both accounts and toggle between them easily.
  • You can also now create a public view and page of your identity, allowing employees to investigate your listed services, information, or skills. See a live example of a public identity page right here.

See a video guide on how to enter information to your public identity page and share the profile right here.


  • We have a new and improved CSV File functionality, to help you avoid making typographical mistakes.
  • Our Help Center and self-onboarding material will help and guide you through the steps.
  • We have a 24-hour customer support chat, through our webpage and app.

Try out all these new features and more in the Diwala platform today. Free first 3 months 👉