10 Inventive Ideas to Beautify your Home with DIY Holiday Cards

There are many reasons why a Christmas holiday is bliss, especially for those who remain stuck in a rut, working against the clock in their routined engagement. It gives the much needed break, and sets the stage for the period that starts with the jingling of bells, followed by the ambience of a new year.

Think of December 25, and the first thing that comes to mind is a Christmas card. By using it, one can not only make their Christmas celebrations a memorable event for themselves, but for others as well.

1. On the Doors

Fasten a few ribbons and cards to a door vertically with tacks. In case, buttons are not available to hook the cards to the ribbons, you could alternatively use paper clips or clothes pins for the purpose. Aside from boosting the appearance of your house, it also brings your creativity to light.

2. On the Walls

Are you wondering how to give the walls of your rooms a festive look in Christmas? You could do so by attaching cards to your walls as described above. You could align the cards with one another either horizontally or vertically or in both ways in rows or columns. In addition, you can also go for die cut cards. Die Cutting Tools Distributors can help you with this.

3. Around a Mirror

A well-placed mirror, if decorated properly, can transform the look of a room. Irrespective of whether you have a mirror attached to a dressing table or a wall, all you need to do is dress it up with sparkly twine or ribbon to fix the cards. This makes a lasting impression with its classic Christmas look.

4. Across the Shelves

Decorating a shelf above the fireplace is a brilliant idea to jazz up your room in the festive season of Christmas. Make a garland of card, and put it across the shelf. Let the cards dangle freely along the mantel.

5. In Kitchen

Although you are not likely to bring your guests into a kitchen, it does not necessarily mean that you shouldn’t decorate it. This can be done by decorating the cabinets. Place a ribbon from top to bottom and attach the cards along it using pins.

6. Jingling Bells

All of us are well versed with the sound of jingling bells. In fact, it is one of the primary attractions of Christmas, which we look forward to on the occasion. The enchanting effect of the sound mesmerizes us instantly. One of the easiest ways to revisit the idea is to put a jingle bell on display, using its slits as the card holders.

7. On a Dining Table

Nowadays people are seeking new ways to make their Christmas celebrations a memorable moment. From living room, it has moved on to one’s dining table. Want to try it out yourself? It’s simple! All you need to do is place a red tablecloth on the dining table, and to put the finishing touches to it, dress up the chair with a red cover cloth with Santa’s cap at the top.

8. Card Holder

Many people prefer convention to doing something out of the ordinary. For instance, those who have a card holder could set the cards in it. The fact that card holders come in various shapes and sizes at present, adds to its advantage.

9. On a Centerpiece

When it comes to thinking out of the box, the prospect of an organic centerpiece with cards hanging from it is an exciting idea. If you are planning to try your hand at it for the first time, then Christmas is just about the right time to do so.

10. Using a Crete

Creativity is all about bringing thoughts to fruition. Nothing beats the idea of decorating cards with a crate of unique shape or size like the one shown in the above figure.

To sum up, we have put together the top ten ideas to help you with your decoration, and make the most of your creativity on Christmas. If you have more ideas, please feel free to share them with us.
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